Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Me, Me, Me

So, I was minding my own business reading my friends blog – well, ok, I guess that means I wasn’t minding my own business at all, rather, her business. Still, I was reading her list of 52 interests and preferences innocently enough when, upon reaching the end, I see, “You’re tagged, NANCY.” Well, I tell you I certainly did feel tagged or perhaps more “caught” – caught red handed reading her blog. How did she know I would be there!? It was all slightly unnerving, not to mention slightly unfair. Those of you who have read my blog already know that the only thing of even miniscule interest about me is that I am allergic to Brazil nuts (well, I did think of one more thing. I have TMJ – temporo mandibular joint disorder – which basically means I have a jaw that given half a chance will lock so tightly shut that to open it fully sounds like a car backfiring. Luckily I have learned to keep my teeth apart at all times other than chewing and my jaw remains fairly pliable). Here is where the unfairness lies. Knowing that what I have already mentioned is as interesting as it gets, how can I assume anyone would be foolish enough to read on for 52 more tid-bits?? Still, Sarah did indeed catch me there at the end of her blog, so I will proceed to comment on, not all, but whichever of the 52 questions strike my fancy. (In the mean time, if someone would fix my haphazard punctuation in the above paragraph I would be grateful).

15. Favorite place to shop for clothing? Well, I can’t really be sure if it is my “favorite” place as it is pretty much my only place. That would be Target. The reason, as you will understand if you are a mother, is that your kids can be in a shopping cart. I have a pretty ritzy wardrobe.

16. Where will I retire? Well, I don’t even know what that means. On TV people like to head to Florida upon retirement. I imagine we’ll want to stay wherever we’ve settled by that point.

20. Are you a morning person or a night person? I’ve always been a night person. Our home was always full of friends and siblings coming and going at all hours. It is even harder to go to bed on time now because it isn’t until after 8:00 that my time is all mine (kids sleeping and all).

23. What did you want to be when you were little? An actress and an artist. Weird. That’s what I said til about 8th grade though.

34. Last person you spoke to on the phone? One of my Young Women who wanted a ride to mutual tonight.

36. Favorite soft drink? I’m not a soda fan. It just doesn’t really tempt me. As Goldie will say occasionally, “it’s too zippy.”

39. Siblings? Ten. 5 girls and 6 boys. I’m so lucky. They are all just beautiful and smart and funny. Someday I’ll post a family picture.

40. What do you like most about yourself? What is not to like I ask you. As I told my Young Women on Sunday, if everyone were a Sister Harris, it seems like it would be a perfect world . . . but, it turns out that all different sorts of personalities and skills are needed. I will admit, if we were all me, not a lot of showers would get scrubbed and computers certainly wouldn’t have been created. Oh, I don’t know what I like best. That’s silly. It should ask what you like best about your spouse or some such.

44. Chocolate or vanilla? While I know it is true that these people exist, I find it very hard to imagine that someone could honestly say “vanilla”.

45. What is under your bed? A box where I keep letters and notes from people as well as a Tupperware of Mike’s church papers.

47. What did you do last night for dinner? My mother-in-laws taco casserole. We have that probably once a week. It’s my take it easy dinner of choice.

Whew, there. Now, as tradition goes, I am supposed to tag someone else. You know, like in the real game. You can't be a poor sport and just quit once you're it, so Megan, you are tagged. HaH! You can have a list of the Q's I answered (even the missing numbers), or you can just tell us a list of little things about you. I can't wait to read it!!


Mugsy said...

You might as well say you've been punk'd. Because this tag game makes you a PUNK. And now me. I just kept thinking this fun to read about Nanc, but I don't want to go any further or I will get it. Then my name in bright red.

Anonymous said...

nancy! Of course your brother has TMJ too. I love your writing. Hurray that you told us you had something new.

love Allison

Perla said...

see, there are plenty of interesting things about you!

Anonymous said...

Why Megan??? I might be interesting. I might have something to say, such as, " I like puddin."

BS and the Kids said...

It just reminds me of old times. The fact that I can laugh at so much of what you say. And believe me, I was laughing. . .lol funny. So many fun things about you. Thanks for sharing.

BS and the Kids said...
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BS and the Kids said...

Ok, I didn't delete anything so horrible that I just didn't think you could handle it. . . I am trying to fix some spelling, but still am having mental mom moments. Oh btw, I can't help but think of the time you told us you were allergic to nuts and if by chance you ever should need it, your epi pen was somewhere in the room!!! A lot of help you were. As a nursing student, I just wasn't able to part with the idea that I was going to see my roomie die from anaphylactic shock in some foreign country because she inadvertently ate some brazilian nut on some tel in the middle of nowhere. Ok, I realize the chances of having a "brazilian nut" in Jerusalem, but STILL. What if the Nutella that some so religiously smeared on everything had some smorgishborg of every type of nut (brazilian included) and there you were, minding YOUR OWN BUSINESS, when you stole a bite of someone's pita (because we both know, there was never enough food around), and bada bing, bada boom, you go into shock. Don't worry, The bus doc with an oversized bag stocked with everything but epi is there to save the day!!! Good thing the only thing ever needed out of that bag was tiger's balm. Good times. Thanks for the memories.

marzee said...

I'm a vanilla - love vanilla shakes. Jon just called me on the way home from Jack in the Box and wanted to know if I wanted a cherry something or other shake - or if I wanted a boring old vanilla shake. I hesitated and responded, "Well, I guess I can try to be a little more exciting" gotta keep him on his toes - so - cherry is on its way. We'll see how it goes. My fav. ice creams? Vanilla Bean & Brown Cow by Tillamook (now called Udderly Chocolate).

Love your cute personality - you write just like you talk - silly chick. Fun, fun - you are a goof - and I love it!

Gracie J said...

Nan...I think the best thing about you is that everyone loves you because you are such a good person. And not like a "popular show-off", just a naturally kind-hearted individual who is concerned about others. And of course you have the best hair.

Most of this made me giggle, because I am, after all a "Gigglo-maniac". Not to be confused with a "Gigolo-maniac".

Nancy said...

Thanks Jess for your nice words!! . . . and yes, ONE person voted me for "best hair" in the Senior Bests category. Because Jess was an officer, she saw the votes and laughed and laughed that someone would vote that for poor me. And yes, my dad called us the gigglomaniacs 'cause we laughed so so much in our high school goofyness

jami said...

nancy-i hope you don't mind that megan let me in on your blog :) but it's so fun to see you and your family... and i never knew about the nuts! sheesh. the things your backyard neighbors fail to tell you! xoxoxo
jami vernon

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