Monday, September 26, 2011

We Shouldn’t Have . . .

But we did!


I hold myself to some rather strict and totally self imposed rules about holidays – you know, when it is officially OK to listen to Christmas music, when to decorate for certain holidays, etc. But all those rules keep being cast aside as time goes on.

For example, I usually impose the no-listening-to-Christmas-music-until-the-night-before-Thanksgiving rule. Clearly that doesn’t make an ounce of sense since, if there is going to be a rule at all, it should be to wait and let Thanksgiving have its day, but for years my sisters and I used to get together to make pies that night. Often it was snowing and with all the festivities in the air, it seemed a good time to start up the music. It isn’t that I don’t love Christmas music. I love it too much, and I don’t want it somehow corrupted and associated with the wrong times and memories. However, last year, when I came home from a snowy run in early November and the girls were dancing to Christmas music, my resolve faltered and we started the season early.

That is what just happened with Halloween. Oct. 1st is the day the kids and I decorate, but with no baby to ring in the weekend, we needed some extra cheer, so out came the Halloween décor.


And, I have to say, it has made me quite happy to have it feel like we will be bringing home a baby to the holiday season and fall, cornstalks and pumpkins, and tiny little glowing orange lights. Besides. Look at this:


That’s right. A very tiny patch of autumn looking leaves on our backyard Maple. So, I feel totally justified in our early decorating.

As for baby. I have been absolutely certain his arrival was imminent multiple times this past week. Always I am wrong. Mike seems confused that I am so upset and surprised by this since, in four consecutive pregnancies, I have made it both to and then past my due date.

We have actually both fully agreed that it would truly be the very best timing if baby waited past his Thursday due date and came this weekend. Mike has a crazy week of work, and, on Friday, my sister Shannon and her baby Lila (who I have never yet seen) are flying in for the weekend. It would be perfect to have a fun sisters’ night on Friday and then have baby before Shannon goes so she can see him. Yes, it is agreed this weekend would be perfect. And I’ll keep trying hard to trick myself into believing that any of those things actually make me want to wait that long.


Tia Juana said...

Just so you know, sadly, I have only seen baby Lila like once. And I live right here!

marz said...

Yes - wait until this weekend - and then I can come see baby next weekend? Maybe? If mommy and daddy will let me.

marz said...

PS - I love all these pictures. Your decorations are so stinkin' cute! Now I'm inspired to make a weird people hanging mobile thing-a-ma-bob. I think I will go buy some troll dolls, dress them up and hang them from the ceiling. Hang them with nooses! Brilliant!

Nancy said...

Marz! I totally could do an entire post just about that little hanging witch mobile! We had similar ones that hung over our kitchen table every Halloween that I can remember at my parents' house. My oldest brother sent them to my mom when he was on his mission in Germany. My sisters and I loved them so much, that when we got married we decided we better all recreate them for our own homes, so we took my mom's to a craft store and tried to find all the necessary parts to make our own witches. We did most of it together in a day or two, but then left with the hair and a few other parts needing finished on our own. Meg and Shan finished theirs in time for Halloween, but I, being so uncrafty, and no longer having them with me to motivate me, finished them finally . . . FIVE years later when we'd moved to WA and I was needing something holidayish that seemed like home.

Anyway, I adore my little witches, but yes, hamging troll dolls would be quite a bit easier and then, when your kids have to recreate them for sentimental reasons when they are old, it won't take them five years!

Perla said...

catherine walked into my house yesterday and delightedly shouted, "what is this?!!!" when she saw my witches. its my favorite decoration. and yes, i did it too. not even october. i don't care any more about anything i've thought about decorating in times past. i've had far too many fall and winter times where i didn't even have the strength to put up any decorations. i was excited for fall so up went the stuff. i'm loving it. only thing is i don't know where to go and get a ton of cheap pumpkins. there are no dabbs around here. i think i have to buy them at walmart. that is so sad.

jami said...

oh i love, LOVE you decorations. i'm so jealous. the only halloween decorations i have are the metal pumpkins you have (thank you megan) and i love them, but looking at all your festive stuff i see i need to do a little more festive-ing (i know. not a word, and not really even a good made-up one) up around my house. even cole looked at the pics and was like "wow. they did all that?" see. what a bad mom i am. thanks for the inspiration!!

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