Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today’s Update

Last night Abe and Daisy asked if tonight for dinner we could have pumpkin muffins and Ramen noodles. I might have to muster some serious energy to pull off the muffins, but Ramen noodles? Yes. I think I can manage.

Mike came home early today. He is tearing apart our basement to get things ready for the two new bedrooms we plan on finishing down there. He has pulled the three oldest kids into helping. I keep seeing old 2x4’s and broken pieces of sheetrock bouncing up and down past our living room window as the kids haul stuff through the backyard and out to the waiting trailer to be taken away. It will be great having the bedrooms (even though to get to one you will still have to go through an unfinished part of the basement). We currently have five kids in two bedrooms and with another on the way, well, yes, more bedrooms will be lovely. The only problem with projects is they make everything very crazy while they are being done. I’ve mentioned that I want everything all orderly for baby’s arrival, but order and “putting in new bedrooms” don’t really go hand in hand. So, I will just have to settle for patches of order and be grateful that I don’t really have to look at the chaos that is in our basement most of the time.

I went running today with Penny and Jesse in the jog stroller. When people see a nine months pregnant woman running with two toddlers they do not, as you might hope, look at her with awe and admiration. They look at her with something bordering more on . . . horror. Still, I don’t mind. I’m glad I can still get out . . . and mad it doesn’t put me in labor, but, it has been nice weather and the three of us have found a nice little 3.5 mile loop that I can handle at this point of pregnancy and that also allows them a stop halfway to feed ducks at a duck pond.

So, there you have it. Eight days to go (or more or less) and me now signing off to make pumpkin muffins so dinner can be all fed to little ones before Abe’s flag football game this evening.

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marz said...

you're awesome. Running 3.5 miles - and then pumpkin muffins. I know I will never be as awesome as you - but I ought to at least try to bake some pumpkin muffins.

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