Friday, September 16, 2011

No Check to my Genius

“Expect a most agreeable letter, for not being overburdened with subject (having nothing at all to say), I shall have no check to my genius from beginning to end.” – Jane Austen

Isn’t that great? And it feels like exactly what I wish would happen here, and what, under certain circumstances with me, actually could happen because sometimes I do say my best and most genius stuff when I have nothing at all to say. Unfortunately, today, my “nothing to say” really does feel like, well, nothing to say. It feels kind of like, “Oh dear, in a moment of . . . crazy, I committed to posting every single day . . . and now I need to post something even though I’m all dried up on thoughts.” What a shame. Still, I’m hopeful that at least one or two of these posts-til-baby-comes posts end up being “most agreeable” with my genius all unchecked and what not.

At the moment, however, I am super tired and since Jesse is sleeping and Penny is . . . kind of sleeping, I think I will just go take a tiny little nap.

*Note* I did actually clean out the blanket/linen/kids’ swim stuff closet upstairs today, as well as my two nightstand dresser drawers. I also looked fruitlessly through a name book that I found in one of those dresser drawers, so today hasn’t been all about laziness. No sir.

Anywho, keep that wonderful top quote in mind, and maybe that will happen one of these days. Or, also, maybe it won’t. Ah well. Here is a cute picture of Goldie to end with something.


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