Friday, September 23, 2011

Oops. Almost Forgot.

Oh yes, I’m checking in daily, aren’t I. Here it is 8:03 pm and my check in almost all forgotten. Well, never fear (or hope), I am still as here as can be. Maybe slightly less here? It is hard to be sure.

Let’s see. A moment from today. Think. Oh! This gave me a chuckle. My little sister Megan called me last night to tell me something about some super nova (should that be capitalized?) exploding . . . about how it was supposed to explode that very night and ROCK the Northern hemisphere with earthquakes and the like.

“Wait,” I said, “What is this? Where did you hear this?”

“Everywhere!” She replied, “It’s all over the news! . . . Well, I mean, it’s like conspiracy theory end-of-the-world news, but, you know, the seven seals are going to open and stuff.”

So, basically, she was calling to tell me about the beginning of the apocalypse. I knew that couldn’t be good, and I was hardly in the mood to deal with the apocalypse.

“Oh geez,” I said, “That’s not good.”

“Well,” she continued, “I won’t keep you, but just, you know, fill your bathtubs with water, and have your kids all sleep by you tonight. Or, better yet, have them all sleep in between door jambs.”

We laughed and I assured her I would be doing just that.

Then this morning here was our tiny texted conversation:

Me: Hope your kids slept as comfortably in the door jambs as mine did.

Megs: Ha your funny. I put them all next to sliding glass doors.

And that was that. Today’s moment (and partially last night’s, I guess). I’m glad the old exploding (and apparently prophesied) super nova didn’t wreak havoc last night after all. It’s all I can do to get everything ready for new baby. Of course, maybe that’s why he’s being a no-show – he has no intention of showing up in the midst of end-of-the-world shenanigans.


Tia Juana said...

Ok. Did you not hear? There WERE several earthquakes last night - small ones, but still. I had no idea about this Super Nova (capitalized) thing but I heard that early in the morning there was an earthquake near Seattle and one was down here in Texas and who knows where else. Perhaps the end is near - both for your pregnancy and the world at large! Good luck.

Mugsy said...

I am so glad you share the crazy side of me...And the fact that I would try to have my children killed by large shards of glass....Sheeeesh

Perla said...

oh dear, i read jana's comment and now i feel bad because i was a little extra tired last night and addie said: there was an earthquake! there really was. HERE. TODAY.
me: where did you hear that?
addie: school.
me: from a teacher or a student?
addie: a student.
me: then its a lie.
addie: nu-uh. she said there really was. and a tornado. i think.
me: nope. there wasn't a tornado. and i didn't hear about any earthquake. its all lies.

but maybe it wasn't. and, by the way, you think its funny about having your kids sleep in door jams but a few months back we made the kids sleep under our kitchen table for awhile during some tornados that never touched down.

oh, and why don't you wait and have your baby next friday because i think i'm coming.

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