Thursday, September 22, 2011

39 Weeks

Status: Dilated 3 cm. Fairly uncomfortable. Not in labor.

Question: Wouldn’t it seem like running while dilated 3 cm. would send a person into full blown labor?

Answer: Yes, it would seem that way, but things are not always as they seem they should be.

Conclusion: Oh well, even though it is still a little early for such things, maybe the kids and I will put up Halloween decorations this Saturday.

Anything else? What is that supposed to mean? What I’ve said isn’t good enough? Sheesh. Well, I will admit that I might have hinted that, surely, there would be all kinds of spectacular things coming out of me with these daily posts . . . but what’s a girl to do? Apparently I can’t do spectacular on demand Sad smile

I know. What if I do like I did that one time when I posted something that was going on around here each day for a week? Let’s try that. All right. Hold on. It is 1:00 pm. Let me get the camera and see what is going on.

I’m back. Not much. Laundry is washing. That seemed pretty boring. And Penny and Jesse are both asleep. Penny won’t fall for nap time too often anymore, but, fortunately, she has fallen for nap time this very day – right here beside me on my bed. So, that’s all that is going on right now:


Shhh. Don’t wake her. I’m going to go accomplish some stuff.

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