Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Miscellany

Jesse really likes to go to church and kept asking if it was time to go today. He was plenty eager when I finally said we could put on his church clothes, but then he saw the shirt – an old one of Abe’s: a bit of a Hawaiian print, plenty cool. He began shaking his head, stumbling backwards and crying, “No! Not that one!!” I told him he was silly. It was his church shirt, and began putting it on him, at which point he began sobbing. Not like a tantrum, like a sob of utter despair and terror. Mike and I just looked at each other like, “What on earth?” “Should I make him wear it?” I said. Mike shrugged, “Maybe it scares him,” but, in time, we had him calmed down and distracted enough that he seemed to have forgotten whatever issue it was he took with his shirt.

It was at that moment that four year old Penny walked in, took one look at Jesse and said loudly, “Why is Jesse wearing a girl shirt?”

It gave Mike and I a good laugh. Penny has never paid any attention to anything Jesse has worn, so that chances of that statement just after such trauma over the shirt any way just seemed too good.

Also, Mike deserves a punch. Today at church the Sunday school teacher asked one of those questions that have such an easy answer that nobody actually wants to raise their hand to answer it, so, the room was a little silent. Finally I took it upon myself to hesitantly raise my hand and give the expected answer. Mike leaned over to me after and whispered, “That’s why you haven’t had your baby yet. You were meant to be here this Sunday to give that comment.”


marz said...

Mike's awesome.

Perla said...

that made me burst out laughing. in our last ward sometimes the teacher would ask questions like, "how important is it to say our prayers?" he'd look around the room and kinda start smiling and nodding his head as if to say, "come all know what i'm getting at here." but of course nobody would answer so he'd say, "pretty important, right?" and keep nodding and we'd all nod back.

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