Monday, September 19, 2011

Genius . . . Checked

Today my “genius” is, unfortunately, totally checked. In fact, this post is nothing but a simple check in. It is a busy day. Busy busy busy. (I hope that, as you read “busy busy busy” you were able to say it in the voice of the little magician fellow from the Frosty the Snowman cartoon. That’s how I said it in my head as I typed it anyway).

The good news is, after today, I am all unencumbered by responsibility and plans. My September obligations will be complete and I won’t have to worry about trying to call 100 people to cover 100 things for me as I race to the hospital in labor. Wouldn’t that be clever of my little body if it knew that well enough that it held off just long enough for me to finish all of this stuff, and then sent me into labor right tonight? That would be clever. It would also be unlikely based on my baby having history.

Anyway, off to round up some stuff for Shmactivity Shmays (that’s “Activity Days” in shm language).



jami said...

i love your "checking in" and i'm crossing my fingers your body figures out that your list of things is done and you're good and ready for baby! :)

Tash said...

cool I am only six months away from Shmactivity Shmays!
You are amazing handling all those Shmildren in scmone schomousehold!
Hey side note want to make my blog a book and wondered where you did yours...tried blurb it was frustrating...gonna do it in the next few days for a RS mini class.

Nancy said...

Tash, I have only used blurb, and I 100 percent agree that it is INSANELY frustrating. It just seems like they make it so hard to manipulate or drag pics where you want and it is only because I've done it so much and am all caught up so I know how to get things how I want and can just keep caught up with each new post that I even still use it. If I was just starting I wouldn't because it would take months of work to get your book how you want I think. But, the only other site I know that really just slurps it up as is and keeps your pics how you have them in your posts, etc. is blog2book. Shannon used it and said it takes only a few minutes, but she didn't think the paper was that great of quality, and you don't have the freedom to make pics bigger or anything. Still, a fast way to get it done and we are hoping they improve things so you have a little more flexability. Lastly, Shannon used to make this book thing for my dad. The quality was great and it was easy to move things where/how you want, but I don't think it slurps up your blog so you'd have to do a lot of copying and pasting, etc. Good luck.

The Harbertson Family said...

Hey, I'm checking evera day to see when ya have that baby! Any names yet? I'm being called this Sunday to Shmactivity Shmays. Good thing you know what that is since it's not official yet and I'm not supposed to say! I would love some of your ideas of stuff you've done if you have time to email me! I'll pray for an easy L & D for you! Love ya!

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