Wednesday, September 28, 2011

D-Day Minus 1

Well, this is just getting downright ridiculous. I’ve never been one to be fooled by false labor, and somehow I’ve always prided myself on that . . . which is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard myself say because apparently I just hadn’t really experienced much false labor. How can you pride yourself on that? I remember when I was in labor with Daisy a girl was coming in to the hospital at the same time as me to see if she was in labor. It was her FIFTH time coming in. I thought, “For goodness sakes. Just wait ‘til the contractions really hurt!” Mean. Poor girl. I obviously knew nothing. I do recall with both Penny and Jesse having a few bouts of intense enough Braxton Hicks contractions, that I started to hope they were going to turn into the real thing, but last night, AGAIN, I had such “real” feeling contractions, that I was sure it was finally it. From 3:00 am to 4:00 am they were intense enough that staying in bed was pointless. I got up and packed a few things, brushed my teeth, put in contacts, etc. Then, they petered out. I tried to go back to sleep, but absolutely couldn’t, so, at 5:20 I got up, checked email, etc. to kill some time, then put on my running clothes and headlamp (yes, I feel silly putting on a headlamp – like I am off to go spelunking, but it is just so cars see me in the dark, and trust me, all the early morning runners out there who have an ounce of sense have on lights and reflective gear . . . so it is totally hip), and I headed out for a run. Mike tried to play the part of the concerned husband for a minute by saying, “Are you sure you aren’t going to have a baby out there?” I told him I’d bring my cell phone just in case, but I think he knew, as well as I knew, that if anything would definitely NOT put me in labor . . . in fact . . . probably stop labor for me . . . it would be a nice run of several miles. I felt a little silly out there – running – when two hours before I’d been certain I was in labor, but, the stars were lovely!

I keep thinking of our air conditioner and how it didn’t work right our first summer here. You’d turn it on, but the signal wasn’t enough to really make the fan start spinning, so you’d have to walk outside, poke a stick in the AC unit, and manually spin the fan. If you didn’t twist it quite hard enough, it would give an effort, almost catch, but then give up and stop spinning. It took a good hard spin to kick it into full whirling and spinning “on” mode. That’s what I feel like. Like the signal keeps getting sent to my uterus to start labor – to begin contractions, so it gives an effort, but the signal just doesn’t push quite hard enough, so it dies back out.

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The Harbertson Family said...

What are all your readers and fans gonna do when you do finally have that baby and we have nothing new to read everyday?!

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