Friday, September 9, 2011

37 Weeks


Wasn’t I just barely typing that? Typing about me being 37 weeks . . . only with Jesse? It seems like it. Which is a good reminder to myself to be patient because, as much as one tends to go a little crazy upon reaching that “all is safe for delivery” stage of 37 weeks (crazy wanting and wishing for it to happen), the truth is that even if I still have another month of being pregnant, that month will come and go . . . as well as two plus years (as have come and gone since I was anxiously complaining that I would never go into labor with Jesse). And before I know it, this little person won’t be a newborn baby at all, but a wild little toddler running about the house demanding poptarts and crying to watch Blue’s Clues (I have to say, terrible as it sounds, the fact that Jesse has recently taken up a slight interest in TV absolutely thrills me).

I am anxious for this ones arrival and would really really rather not go late like I have with all four of my last babies (not the least of reasons being the fact that his head has been measuring at 40 week size for some time now!), but I feel like I am a little more practical about things this time around. Last time I was living in my mom’s basement and most of my earthly belongings were in storage. We hadn’t even purchased a home so I had much less that I was trying to organize and get ready. This time around I have a ridiculous list of projects (most of which don’t even improve the outer appearance of my home – boxing up clothes that are too small and crowding drawer space for my other five kids, organizing toys, cleaning out cupboards and closets). I also have several things I am supposed to be in charge of as far as my church calling with the Activity Day girls. I have a few evenings planned for dinner with friends, dates with Mike, etc. So, I am trying to gear up for patiently being pregnant through September.

Still, I am getting excited. I have been doing so much lately, as well as had some extra bouts of sickness with kids and sleepless nights with little people having nightmares, having accidents, etc. that I have felt truly just . . . completely exhausted. The idea of getting back to simply my normal routines of daily stuff that needs done (even if it needs done with a newborn in tow) seems a welcome relief.

Plus, I dug out all of my little tiny 0-3 and 3-6 month baby boy clothes today. I also went out and bought a few new packs of tiny onesies and the softest/cutest little blanket this morning. I have been washing and folding those puny little items today and it does make me feel very excited to imagine the tiny person I will soon be putting in those impossibly small clothes.

So . . . I guess . . . here’s to finishing out September with out collapsing in utter exhaustion, and to a healthy little boy coming very very soon (and can I add “mellow,” “non-spit-upping” and “excellent night sleeper” to that “healthy”? Yes, please).


Tia Juana said...

By posting this, the resigning to being pregnant for the rest of September, you just jinxed yourself. You will have him tomorrow.... or in a similarly close tomorrow sometime in the next week. But, would that be so bad? I think not. Not for me anyway! But as patient as you seem to be, I am not - let's get this baby here! I'm excited!!! ;)

marz said...

I love that second pic of your belly. Something about pregger bellies of cute moms (like yourself) that is just completely adorable.

By the by . . . . did you ever happen across my facebook message that we are coming to your neck of the woods next month? Are you interested in visitors - or shall we just play it by ear . . . . having baby and all? It'll just be Jon and I. Email me back when you have some time.

jami said...

i'm going to hope tia is right! :) and that you don't have to wait for 40 plus weeks ... but either way, i'm SO excited for you, and so excited to meet this new addition to your family. you look AMAZING, by the way. i could have only HOPED to look that good at 37 weeks ... ah. yes, here's to a patient wait ... and a healthy baby!! :) woot-woo!!!

jocelyn said...

i'm pretty sure when anyone says a "healthy" baby they mean all of those things you listed as well. those last few weeks are pretty brutal, so for your sake i hope you have the baby sooner rather than later. those activity day girls can fend for themselves (i'm saying that because i also do activity days and have quite the few stinkers in my group…not my favorite calling).

Perla said...

i am very excited for this new baby and so excited because even though lila spits up and is not a very good sleeper, she is healthy and sweet as can be and she has already outgrown all of her newborn clothes and wears mostly 9 -12 month stuff and so i don't even care that i'm so tired anymore and i don't cry in the mornings like i did with my first ones when it just seemed like i would never get to sleep again because i LOVE having my baby and it is just going way way too fast. this is the craziest thing to say but if my body was healthy, i would have another baby.

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