Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tiny Feet

It is hard to name a favorite physical characteristic about your babies, but I must say, I love love love the feet of my little ones. They are so tiny and so soft when they are born. Their toes alone seem to tell the whole miracle of a baby’s creation with their impossibly small perfectness. I’ve been sad that the weather has been too cold to let Penny’s little feet go uncovered for the past few months. I miss her tiny bare feet and take every opportunity to remove her little socks so I can kiss, rub, and remove the lint from between her toes.

I love when they get a little older and their chubbiness grows a little quicker than the length of any appendage so they go through a spell of having thick little loaves of bread for feet. I have moments of confusion when they first begin crawling where I wonder how it is that the tops of these chubby and thick feet have gotten so dirty and scuffed.

The other day we were kneeling for family prayer. Mike said, “How about the girl with the most colorful nails gives the prayer.” We all looked at Goldie who had each and every nail on her fingers and toes painted a different color, but she just looked back at us as if certainly someone else must be the most colorful.


Lover of Sweets said...

Oh how I love tiny feet too! I love kissing the bottoms of those little feet. I still kiss Treatum's even though I know perfectly well that he's been running around on them, but alas, I can not help myself.
I also love that when Treatums wants his shoes and socks off he describes his feet as "comfy feeties". Of course there's "feetsties in coatsties" too.
I love little feet and you have now inspired me to take pictures of my kids' feet for pure documenting of cute feet purposes.

Anonymous said...

Baby feet are the cutest, especially when you test that reflex all babies should have where you put you finger on their sole just below their toes and they automatically curl their toes around you finger tip. Meg used to stretch her toes apart in a fan when she was startled (which is another reflex) and I had to draw a picture of it in her baby journal. Liz

Melissa, Ryan and Addy said...

Baby feet are indeed cute, but I must say that I truly love baby bums very much. Not so much the smell of the bums, but the looks of them. So precious and squishy! Too bad it's not so cute for me to have a precious and squishy bum!

Perla said...

As always, I love the thoughts that go through your mind and the awesome way you record them. Super cool pics of darling feet!!!

jami said...

i love baby feet too ... just something about them, isn't there?? :) and i'm like shannon - i like the way you just get all these ideas out on paper ... :)you do it all so well.

Heeere's J-dude: said...


I have to admit. I almost commented on your 'forum' last night too because, like Marney's blog, I have been lurking here too. Yes, I am Troy's sister and I found your blog through him but he has also said what a lovely person you are and that you 'were' (I think we always ARE) an Allred. I knew Aaron - he was my age. And your mom taught drama and I was in her class. I still remember acting out the part in the Sound of Music where the big Mother Nun sings Climb Every Mountain. I as the Mother Nun. I was good. Yes, I was.

Anyway, I have enjoyed seeing your blog and lurking and being too chicken to comment because that would be weird. Like, I so comment an other stranger's blogs but they are all like open stranger blogging. When people are family blogging I kind of feel weird about commenting because I'm not in the family. But if we share nieces and a nephew - isn't that like we are family.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I had to chuckle that you came and lurked. Lurkers Unite.

Say hello to Aaron - I don't know that he'll even remember me. I vaguely remember Shannon and enjoyed your blog about her. Isn't it wonderful how we all grow up - hopefully to be our better selves. She seems amazing and I will have to go and lurk on her blog now.

I told Troy NOT to tell you that I was lurking. I guess the cat is out of the bag. Isn't he a nice brother? Yes, he is.

Mugsy said...

Ok the very best is the cute round bum in the picture! Hee hee I love Goldies toes, did she do it herself? She is so stinkin cool. And I love that Mike thought to ask for the girl with the most colorful toes to say the prayer. to cute..

Nancy said...

Jana, see, this is what we are all really hoping for . . . comments from our lurkers. Because, all of us that haven't made our blogs totally private did it that way knowing there would be lurkers but also knowing that we'd have the occasional times of getting reconnected with old friends who found our blogs through someone else or getting to know people we are connected to somehow (like hello? Not only are you Troy's sister, but you went to school with my brother and had drama from my mom!! Oh she loved her drama kids!!). Anyway, we are all too scared to comment on each others, even though we all know how much we like surprise comments!! Plus, it makes me feel more confident that most the lurkers on my blog are simply well intentioned people like you and I who have found each other through a line of connections. How fun.

P.S. Mike was reading your comment out loud to me and we both loved and laughed out loud at you heading off to lurk on Shan's blog and you telling Troy "NOT" to tell me you were lurking. -- Which Troy faithfully did not do.

P.P.S. Now if I visit your blog I will comment if I want to wether you like it or not!

marzee said...

Love the picture of Penny's toes - so cute! Now I have to go take similar pictures of my kids.

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