Saturday, April 19, 2008

Q & A

Alright, so Tash gave me some questions to answer. There are eight, so it's not like the ones when you have to read 400 things about me (I probably should have said "get" not "have to").

1. What were you doing ten years ago?
I was recently returned from my semester abroad in Jerusalem. I was just starting to get serious with my major -- which was Zoology. I remember it being a super enjoyable time in my life. I loved my classes, professors and fellow students; I didn't work much; my sisters were around home to make late night runs to Smiths with me; and I was just getting to know the friend who would line me up with Mike (oh alright, she didn't line me up with Mike, she lined me up with her cousin and she went out with Mike -- still, she was how I met him!).

2. Name five things on your to do list for today.
Well, today is pretty well over, still, when it began, here was what I hoped to do:
1-Go running.
2-Call a friend to see if she needed us to take her kid to Abe's baseball game.
3-Call my Young Women to remind them we have a meeting tomorrow -- oops forgot to do that one.
4-Get to the store for a few things I needed to buy before Sunday.
5-Borrow or find Toy Story 2 for a popcorn and movie night with our kids.

3. List five snacks you enjoy.
1-Munchies -- yah, it has a dumb name, but I love it. It is a bag that mixes Doritos, Cheetos, Sunchips, and Pretzels. It is great. I almost blogged about it once.
2-Cupcakes -- I love to make and eat cupcakes. Somehow I make the tatiest cupcakes ever (even though I use a store bought mix and store bought frosting).
3-Yogurt and almonds.
4-Watermelon if it's in season. Ohhhhh I love love watermelon!
5-Hmmm. That’s all I can think of right now.

4. Five things you would do if you were a billionaire.
This question totally makes me think of “The Three Amigos” when they are all lying in bed discussing what they will do with their share of the money and they all say their selfish thing until Martin Short says his money will all go to some charity so the others immediately begin to back pedal.
1-Buy land, build our dream house and a barn on it.
2-Buy a place on the beach at Bear Lake.
3-Build a school for Shan in Haiti.
4-Something cool for all our family members.
5-Buy cute clothes for the kids of people I know of who are so broke and probably cry that they can’t send their kid’s to school feeling cute.

5. List five bad habits.
Oh, I don’t know. I probably have a billion. I drive too fast, I talk too loud on the phone (for some reason I never believe people can hear me on the phone), I never file our papers, I don't call friends as often as I should, I go to bed too late, etc. etc.

6. Five places I have lived.
Well how can you answer that on a blog when you are trying to never really be specific about where you and your loved ones live? I haven’t really lived five places though. Mostly two really.

7. Five jobs I have had.
1-Golden Swirl swirler of frozen yogurt.
3-Employee of Tash’s husband the “Breadman” at the bread store.
4-Lab tech at a place that tested plants and soils and then gave recommendations to major growers.
5-TA for lower level physiology classes.

8. What would you like to be doing in 25 years?
I’d like to be permanently settled and financially secure. I’d like to have my kids around a lot. My older brother swears that being in his 50’s is the best life has ever been, so that will be great if it’s true.

So, P. you are totally tagged because I know you don’t like seven years of bad luck and all that. Oh yah, you too Jami and Sarah – you know – tagging paybacks.


Perla said...

oh, that made me want to cry that you wrote you would build me a school. it really did bring a tear to my eye. thank you. and that was a pretty cool list. love you.

Tash said...

love how evasive u are and I love your billionaire list and I love that you stayed up and did your homework that I gave u!

jami said...

i guess what goes around, comes around ... :) but needless to say, i LOVED learning these things about you ...

Gracie J said...

MMMMM...cupcakes! I vote that one of us becomes a billionaire and we both retire and start living like we're in our 50's. I'm good with that happening as soon as possible. Although, I would probably still work because otherwise I would get stir crazy.

Melissa, Ryan and Addy said...

I'll be honest, usually I'm not a huge fan of people posting surveys on their blogs. Usually I don't even read them, but I read every bit of your's because I knew it would be very funny. I enjoyed it! Also, the pictures of your kids were very cute!

Nancy said...

Thanks Melissa!! Although . . . now that you mention it . . . I'm thinking I could have made it much funnier (more funny?). Alas.

Mugsy said...

Hah I totally thought you were going to make me do the tag right this time...Guess I wounded you much to deeply with my last comment on the matter...Man I am such a jerk...NOT!!! And incase you were wondering I am totally going to bring "NOT" back...Cool huh... And I love that all you nerds refuse to get rid of typing the stupid letters at the end of each comment, because I love typing them and re-typing them because I can never get it right...NOT!!!!

Mugsy said...

O you are so so funny. I got rid of my letters like one million years ago...JK probably a couple of weeks ago..I mean come on who spams blogs? Ok I guess the people reading my blog in Spain maybe...O and look now i am wondering if I even want to post this because I will have to type those horrifying dyslexic letters.....I think they are the one thing I trully detest in life...Come on Nanc, break the mold....Dare to be super cool like me...

Mugsy said...

Your were T and A for a class....I never heard of that for a class....hee hee get it? O and the phone bit...funny stuff....

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I guess I have broken the rule about not letting people know where I live in my blog since all I talk about is Las Vegas - it is a love-hate thing.
We can't buy munchies at our house because the kids would pick out the cheetos, Jay would pick out the doritos and I would be stuck with the pretzels! Not so great! Liz

Gracie J said...

P.S. Megan is dirty! But I like it.

Nancy said...

Yah, I hate the pretzels being in there. THey are the only negative in an otherwise perfect snack (though, as Jami mentioned on her blog, honey wheat pretzels are great).

Liz, I think you are totally safe talking about Vegas. I mean, even if someone did try to track you down, they'd probably get poor Saxophone JAy instead. Poor saxophone Jay, but at least you are safE!!

Nancy said...

P.S. You better believe it Megan's dirty, Jessica, dirty AND mean. But what can I do? She's blood (even if it's "bad blood").

Mugsy said...

man I turn my back for one second and...boom...trash talk. Well I guess you are all right about the dirty rotten, mean, bad blood talk..NOT!!

See Nanc, there I going again with the "Not" business....what do you think?

O, back to the trash talk all you white girls are doing behind my back...And just because I sent one seductive picture of her to her future husband. Nancy, tell her she's hot in it so she believes me...

What the crap????
I thought you sais you were taking the letters off...arg...

Heeere's J-dude: said...

Okay, several things.

You are so good to blog - even on your sicky bed. I might have to be sick just so I can stay in bed and blog and then it would be a legal waste of time. I appreciate the lengthy comments despite the weakness of body and mind.

Second, you are so dang popular - 14 comments on one blog? Holy Cow. My friends read my blog and none - NONE - of them comment! Makes me mad. They either email me what they think or they tell me at church. They do not appreciate the joy of a comment on a blog post. You are lucky. Although half of the comments are from yourself. I should try that - maybe it would make me feel more validated. But posted on mine - thank you, see- BFF just discovered.

Third, the hubs did not go to OHS as he waxed strong in Simi Valley CA. Met at da Y over a cadaver when I ran out of the room throwing up. So romantic. But he knew what he was getting into right from the get go. He has no one to blame but himself.

Oh, silly me - Shannon commented on my blog last night and that was her question not yours - so never mind about my hubs. I'll have to tell her to read your blog comments to get the answer to her ?s.

I asked Troy where you lived yesterday and he said HE COULDN"T REMEMBER.... how dumb man child is that? He had a general idea but couldn't quite pinpoint it.

ME - think arches singularly.

Get well soon

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