Thursday, April 17, 2008

Book Tag

I was reading a friend’s blog yesterday when it happened again, I was “tagged.” In this particular instance, you are to look for the nearest book, open to page 123 and record the 5th sentence down. Of course, my friend (we’ll just call her “Jami” – oh alright, that is actually truly her name, so we’ll call her Mrs. X instead – even though you all know now that she is Jami) . . . anyway, Mrs. X happens to have the book Love and Logic close at hand, so she finds her little sentence and it is of real value. I actually paused a few moments and thought, “I need to remember that.” So, I look to my nearby dresser and here are the books I see:

1. My journal – well that should be inspiring at any sentence.

2. The scriptures – ha! I could totally beat Mrs. X with this!

3. The Activity Book – a cool book of mutual activity ideas from the 70’s.
4. A notebook of things my kids have said – not 123 pages there.

5. Who’s Who in the Doctrine in Covenants – this is a great book to have close by the next time you are reading D&C.

6. Teachings of Presidents of the Church – this years study guide for Relief Society.

7. The Alexandria Link – someone in my book club told me to give it a try. It’s not my usual style of book, but who knows.

8. Wigwam Stories – this is the winner. I’m sure it is the most exciting (oops, I’ll probably go straight to heck for saying that when the scriptures are an option!). I haven’t actually been reading this book (though here it is on my bedside table) rather Mike has read a few stories out of it to our kids. His dad lent it to him for the kids on the last trip home. Anyway, page 123, 5th sentence down (drum roll please): Wait, pause, page 123 ends one of the Wigwam stories and there are not 5 sentences!! I’ll just have to modify. Ok, here we go again, page 123, last sentence: “But the Old Grandfather who had been a Witch went off into the Forest, and no one ever saw him again.”

Wowzers, now that was good stuff. I think I am going to take over the reading of Wigwam Stories to the kids. It seems Mike has been cheating me out of serious excitement! In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that Wigwam Stories will increase in sales over the next few days by a number corresponding to the amount of people reading my blog! Thanks Jami!


jami said...

that's "mrs. x" to you! :):)

and thanks for taking this little "tag" and making it so fun to read ... it just needed a "nancy" touch. :)

Lover of Sweets said...

I wish someone would tell me a wigwam story.

Nancy said...

Abe will tell you one P. He pretty much read them all last night because they were far too gripping to put down.

Perla said...

awesome! but weren't you supposed to tag somebody else now?

Nancy said...

Well, remember how once I tried to tag you and Megs and you guys were like "you wish" and ruined all my confidence as a tagger? So. . .

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