Friday, April 25, 2008

Little bits of stuff about my kids

My sister-in-law Marnie recently mentioned (on her blog) how it seems that all she talks and writes about is her kids. But really, can moms help it? Our kids are our greatest creations and pretty much our hugest source of work, joy, entertainment, worry, etc. I think moms are entitled to think that their kids are “the bees knees” (I don’t know where on earth that originated, my friend Jessica is the first I ever heard use it, and it seemed like it meant “super coolest of all”). I think we are also entitled to feel that everything they do is of great interest to all our loved ones (at least). With that said, you must all press on through this:

1. Crafty has been at it again. Not bad for a Kindergartener. It’s a boat and two passengers (one of whom actually has a happy face on front and an angry face on back – when I asked Daisy what he was so angry about she said, “or maybe it’s a scared face” . . . which makes sense as that boat might not be totally seaworthy). Anyway, I don’t know why for certain, but I think it is the coolest thing ever when she is just off minding her own business and then comes and shows me something like this. Maybe it’s because when they are really little they pretty much need your active guidance for any type of creative crafty thing, and it is strangely and happily startling to see their little minds becoming independent enough to come up with things like this without needing me at all -- especially because often the creations are something that never would have occurred to me to make. It makes me realize that they are going to truly be their own little people with their own gifts and talents beyond simply what I teach them. Plus, look at her hair. She made me take these pics because she’d tied that ribbon all by herself. I do think she has the most beautiful hair color though and I hope it won’t fade as she gets older.

2. Penny has added one new word to her constant crazy babbling. It is “uh-oh” (is that really a word?). She says it anytime anyone drops anything (and even as she crawls about -- causing me to wonder just what’s so “uh-oh”). Her only real word prior to this has been “dad.” We often have conversations that go something like this:
Me: Penny, how about “mom?” Say, “mom mom mom.”
Penny: Dad daddaddad.
Me: Say Mom.
Penny: (Pause) Dad? Daddad?
Anyway, the other night she was babbling away in her crib before falling asleep (as she often does). All of the sudden the random babbles stopped and I heard a very distinct, “uh-oh.” Soon, she fell asleep, and I forgot all about the “uh-oh” until I went to tuck her in a little better before heading to bed myself. Here is what I saw: one tiny lone sock on the floor next to her crib. Yes, apparently she had managed to pull one of her socks off and had then dropped it out of the crib. It just seemed so cute to picture her in there all alone thinking, “uh-oh, I’ve done it now, there is no way I’m getting that sock back.” They just start to seem so much more like a real little person when you can see their actual thoughts expressed by a word of some sort. Sigh. They just grow up and grow up and it makes me so happy and also makes me cry cry cry.

3. Goldie often tells me she did something all by "herselth." I love “selth” because it just seems so much trickier to say than “self,” and I wonder why she does. My kids always haul a few books to bed with them. Today she grabbed a book with a collection of about ten stories. She said, “Mom, I’m choosing this book, but I won’t read all of it. . . . If I do read all of it, I’ll be mad at myselth.” That was reassuring.

That’s all for now. Abe will get plenty of glory in future posts.


Liz217 said...

You brag all you want about those kids. They are the cutest thing ever. I love how kids can be totally happy with paper and their own tape. Envelopes always keep them entertained too. I don't know what it is about that Goldie, but I just look at her face and I am drawn to her. I think she's great even though I don't really know her since she was probably just walking the last time I saw her. That makes me want to cry cry cry. I really want to see you guys!

Liz217 said...

Oh! I didn't mean to say you you were bragging. I just meant we like to hear about your kids any time you want to talk about them. :)

Heeere's J-dude: said...

so for whatever reason I get to see your posts before they are on your blog.

Like this morning, I was up and read you on my blog feed subscriber and then I checked your blog and none of this was up yet. And I then I had "bee knees" in my head ALL day long!

I took my kids to Six Flags today and I kept looking at things - like the new roller coaster that their build and outloud in my head I thought - "Well if that ain't the 'bees knees'". Thanks a lot.

And I think that blogging was really meant to be the place where moms can say anything you want about your kids - and it is absolutely not bragging! Because by nature we see the best and the worst in our kids and wouldn't it be a shame if we only posted the worst. Like naked kids in plays.

BROG on! (and no that is not a comment typo which I seem to have so many of and don't notice until after I post my comments - I really meant to say "Brog" because that is my word for blog bragging.

BROG on! Your kids are very cute, by the way. And crafty.

jami said...

i just love little people! and yours are so cute ... and smart ... and funny. :) i love hearing about them and what they do, say, create. :) and i'm with your friend who created the word "brog" (which i really like :)) and say, "go on! brog some more! we can't wait to hear it!"

Melissa, Ryan and Addy said...

Very cute! I love the little boat craft with the people in it. Your kids are so very cute. By the by the song you were refering to on my blog is by Aerosmith and it's "Janie's Got a Gun", although I don't really know any of the other lyrics to it besides that either.

Perla said...

you have become such a great photographer!
i love daisy's craft. that makes me sad again that she and sc can't be closer because they would be making stuff like that all the live-long day. just a coupe of days ago sc brought me a family of people that she had created that were awake on one side and asleep on the other and she had also taped four pieces of paper together and cut out a door and windows and stood the paper up to make a house for them. but they had no boat. oh those girls need to be together! anyway, too cute. and her hair is getting so long and beautiful!
i love goldie and the things she says reminds me so much of deedle.
i miss penny. when will you be coming home next?

Mugsy said...

Man I can't believe what a little fairy tale princess Dais looks like with those beautiful locks. Cute little post on my little loved ones!

Tash said...

Zhateal always says Goldie looks like Swissy she does I think. I love this post I love the uh oh and by my selth or whatever it was.
I just changed my comments settings go try

Gracie J said...

I must say that Goldie is about the sweetest looking child ever. She looks like an angel!

I agree that any activity that can be accomplished all by "oneselth" is the best thing known to mother-kind. I like it when Ana is just busy, busy in her room and then suddenly comes out to show me some cool book she's been writing or card she's been making.

I think your kids are the bees-knees because YOU are the bees-knees. I love that I have such an awesome friend with such a great perspective on everything.

And as my sister already mentioned, you were referring to "Janie's Got a Gun" by Aerosmith. It's actually a real downer. Nothing like their other songs and I, unfortunately, know all the lyrics, because I'm prone to knowing all the lyrics to nearly every song, even songs I don't care for.

Nancy said...

Liz, I always think the same thing about your little Ashton. Maybe we will have to force them to marry someday.

Jana, I think it was because I published my post then couldn't get the pics right so I saved it to draft until I could mess with it again . . . however, I would prefer to think you are my blog psychic of sorts (then you can tell me what not to say before I say it!) And, I love brog as well!

Jess and Melissa, glad to know it's Janie at least.

Lover of Sweets said...

Oh I love all the little cool things your kids do and say. They really are little people with thoughts and everything. I like 'em.
I like my own too and need to blog about their crazy coolness here soon.
Love love love your writing....write on!
I loved that little Penny thought "uh oh" when her sock fell all the way down to the floor out of her tiny reach.

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