Saturday, July 2, 2011



She was a bit hesitant about leaving six behind, about growing up even a bit more, but the prospect of an actual birthday – complete with adventure, presents, cake and birthday cereal – was enough to offset the pain of getting a little older. In fact, a birthday count down had been going on for one hundred full days prior to the actual event. When there were only ten . . . then nine . . . and eight days to go, she could hardly believe it was finally about to happen. But happen it did, and today Goldie turned seven.

The day was full of Goldie plans down to the smallest details of what time she would wake up; the fact that the kids would not be allowed to watch Saturday morning cartoons (as they would be playing games with her); and dinner’s menu of: mashed potatoes and gravy, tomato soup, and bacon. We even had to make it to the school’s playground so she could show us the tricks she’d been doing (and we’d been missing) all year during recess. When I asked her, hesitantly, this morning if it would be all right for me to go on a run, she frowned, “Do you have to?”

I shrugged. “ I don’t have to.”

“All right,” she consented, “you can go for a half hour.”

I thanked her and went to change. When I came back, I said, “If I’m gone ten minutes longer will you be too sad?”

Then, in a burst of birthday giving, she told me I could go “for a whole hour!”

Generous girl. All in all, the day came off a success. Tonight she told me that she “couldn’t remember for sure” but that she thought today might have been her “best birthday ever.”

I love that girl so incredibly. She is so tender hearted and so full of love. It seems to me, when I look at her, miraculous that Mike and I had a small hand in creating the tiny bit of perfection and wonder that is Goldie. How incredible. How could I have lived 27 years with out knowing that she would exist in my world?


jocelyn said...

i love that you were granted permission to go on a run. such pretty pictures of goldie! her name is fitting.

marz said...

I love all of these great pictures. . . .you're getting very good miss Nancypants! I can't believe she's seven. ;) so fun!

jami said...

what amazing pictures, and what an adorable girl! i love what you wrote about her - and one day those words will mean so much to her!

Perla said...

oh, i love that goldems so much! and see what you wrote...just what i was trying to say about your pregnancy lucky we are to have these little ones in our lives and how exciting to know who this next one is! and i've never really thought you and goldie looked alike but in the third to last one where she is holding her hair and the one right under neath i think she looks exactly like you. i was almost shocked when i saw those because i was transported back in time and thought, 'oh, there is my little sister.' funny. i suppose it makes sense that sometimes our children look similar to us, but it still always surprises me.

Gracie J said...

You know how I generally don't post on these ol' blogs, but I just love that Goldums so much. Maybe because I saw her in the hospital and remember that so vividly? Maybe because my birthday is also in July? I don't know, but I just think she's super. Happy 7th Birthday Miss Goldie! P.S. I loved the post before this about her "pet balloon" as that reminded me of something Ana would do.

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