Monday, July 4, 2011

Six Months Down, Three to Go.

My sister wanted a pregnancy post. So, here we go. No denying I’m pregnant:


We are down to less than three months. Into the third trimester. And while I have felt VERY pregnant for some time, recently things changed drastically enough in my appearance, that anyone who didn’t already know (or was hesitant to ask) has been unabashedly exclaiming, “YOU’RE PREGNANT!”

Other than that, I’m not sure what more updating there is to give. I feel fine physically – though maybe simply “more” pregnant than I remember feeling at this stage in past pregnancies. Other than that, my only real complaint is a constantly crazy stuffy nose.

As for newest tiniest boy . . . . he still has no name. However, I did go through a name book the other day and wrote down any of the names that I liked at all. I showed them to Mike saying it was time to get down to business and name our son. But the business only got so far as Mike crossing out the names he for sure didn’t like.

So, there you have it. Me six plus months pregnant with a nameless little boy.


jocelyn said...

yeah i'll be honest, i didn't remember you were pregnant until i saw that picture. you certainly aren't updating us every week on what size your baby now is (like they do on those baby websites…and for some reason it's always a fruit/vegetable…"your baby is now the size of a kumquat"). you look great. glad to hear you are feeling (relatively) well too!

marzee said...

fun, fun, fun! You know . . . . Jon and I were in quite a pickle when it came to naming our first one. He didn't like anything I suggested (which were on the unusual side). . . and I didn't like the common names he wanted. So - it took us a few days in the hospital before it hit us both. Love seeing you!

Nancy said...

Jocelyn, that gave me a good laugh because they DO always compare baby to a fruit. Last week I think it was some large cabbage or something that I'd never even heard of and I just thought, "Now you've gone too far."

And Marzers, that gives me hope, because look what a cute name your oldest ended up with in the end!

jami said...

you are THE cutest pregnant person. and i love scrolling through your blog looking at all the cool pics you haev taken! man. i wish i were closer (for longer) and i'd make you teach me all your tricks!

i'm so excited for you new little one, and it's all good not to have a name. 3 of my 4 were nameless until right before i took them home. :) rub your belly for me!!

Perla said...

thank you for the post for me. what about cravings? remember, if you start wanting everything chalky like i did then you might be anemic. i am so madly in love with my little baby that it makes me excited for you (and for me) to see who this new little boy is and have all that more amazing happy love come to you and our family. what a blessing. it is only now at 5 that i can see how mom just could want as many as the lord would give her. she still made tons of sacrifices, but babies are so amazing. and it makes me feel guilty that i didn't appreciate my first babies as much, but i'm not going to dwell on that.

marz said...

By the way - I can't believe how famous you are on facebook with this pic - with forty-some posts on little preggers pic of you. You sure are loved!

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