Thursday, July 14, 2011

Penny Pearl


I’ve been having a lot of extra time with this little four year old of mine this week. Mike and the oldest three are all away for a few days and it has been so fun to have my Penny here being the oldest. She comes in and snuggles by me in the morning; and colors pictures for me of things like me with a giant tummy with a baby in it, and weather charts – with rain, snow and, oddly, a person sleeping in a bed depicted (apparently the three weather options are: rain, snow, and night time); she tries on the many outfits we brought upstairs from a box of Daisy’s and Goldie’s old things and asks me several times a day which new shoes she ought to wear at the moment.


I was worried it would feel far too quiet and lonely with just me and my two littlest at home for so long, but while I have been missing Mike and the older three, I have also really been enjoying this chance to focus on my two little ones and do things geared more directly towards them.



Perla said...

she is so beautiful! it is fun to get to spend time with just the little ones. does penny miss them? i remember how sad miles was when the kids all started school after our move. it will be much worse this fall. great pictures, by the way. and if i keep catching up on your posts maybe i will find out where mike and the other kids are.

Nancy said...

Shoobs, Mike took all three of the older kids to Yellowstone for four whole nights camping. I suppose I should have gone along as a good wife, but originally it was just going to be Abe and Mike's thing -- going on this high adventure canoeing Yellowstone trip with some of Mike's friends. At the last minute though Mike decided it wasn't going to be much fun for Abe - no other kids were going and all the other guys do is canoe up these rivers and fish the entire day all day. So, he decided to just join them at the lower camp and let the girls come along too. It was all very last minute and I wasn't up for getting us all there, but they had a great time and saw Old Faithful and the like. Mike gets sad that none of his family is into camping. Too bad Jason isn't around to take a few kids and camp with him.

Liz217 said...

I love your photo taking. You always make me want to run out and take more pictures of my cute kids

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