Monday, July 11, 2011

Running, Ants, and Blog Books

I’ve been enjoying having my oldest boy home with me so much this summer. He’s a great pal and I like having him here. I had told my kids earlier that I’d pay them a dollar for every mile they ran over the summer. We drove a little half mile stretch straight up the hill from our house and marked it at “the second tree past the canal road trail head”. It is so hot by the time everyone gets up and going that it doesn’t usually happen, but finding little notes like these left quietly by my bedroom door every now and then at 6:30 in the morning from Abe has made me quite happy.


It makes him seem so old and independent to be waking and deciding to head out on a little run. However, this note – with its nonchalant informative tone – made me less happy than the others.


Why oh why am I always battling ants? Am I the only one? I fear I am. No matter how old or new the home, no matter how crumb free the floor, ants seem to haunt my existence every single summer!

But, that P.S. reminded me of something. Doesn’t it stand for post script? Yes, I believe it does. Only, when I was young, I thought it stood for “private secret”. I didn’t arrive at this by myself. I was told by some friend who seemed confident and well informed. Private secret. Weird how everyone would add a very special “private secret” at the end of many a letter. Why couldn’t it ever be in the body? It seems we’d all be rushing straight to the end for the real dirt. And what about the times when there was a P.P.S.? A private PRIVATE secret? Now that is something to be excited about reading. Only, so often these private secrets seemed quite mundane.

Anyway, moving on. Despite the bad news about ants, something came that very same day to make me quite happy. It was this:


That’s right! Another blog book! It is so fun having this stuff right here in a book! That is my third completed! And I’m almost all caught up now!


So, that is the end of this post I guess.

P.S. HAH! You wish. I have no private secrets. Or do I? . . . (No, really, I don’t. At least I don’t think. I just wanted to sound mysterious.)


marzee said...

What? What's that? Do I spy an atypicalmormonchick in your blog book?

Nancy said...

Yes! Yes it is, and you deserve some serious credit for my blog name now being a chicken blog name because it was when I posted about our chicken and then you started requesting chickens with Book Of Mormons that I was like, "What on earth! Why am I always involved with chickens!!!" And then, the name. So, bless you.

Perla said...

so are the blog books from which site? the same one? blurb? i wish we could find a better one. i saw that cutest blog on the block does books now so i think i will check it out. they are worth the price...only not if you redo them. i really am not pleased with 2008. anywho...yours look scrumptuous.

Nancy said...

Yah, still just blurb. I was half way done with this third one when I even found out about the blog2book thing that you tried, and I wanted to use them next, but then you didn't sound thrilled with it and when I finished this last book, I was pretty close to caught up, so I am hoping maybe to just get caught up on blurb before baby comes and then just add posts as I do them. It is a hassle though. I totally have to rework every single page (I don't even like the size of the print so I have to make each page bigger print, etc.) plus, for some reason my pics are always super low quality on my blog and I have to go find them and readd them to the book. Please go try cutest blog on the blocks option and tell me what you think! I just want one that pulls it over as you have it, but is nice quality and lets you make pics larger or smaller etc. if you want.

Tash said...

how sweet. Makes me want to tear up!! All those goody little memories for people to peruse, just wait til they get older they'll love it. Been loving all these amazing photographs all over your blog love it!

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