Monday, July 11, 2011

The Grouchy Maker and Other Toys


I thought I was being so clever when I found this fun “toy” for Jesse to play with. He quite loved it . . . AND he was VACUUMING as he went. Could anything be more ingenious?

Well, yes, some things could be . . . like things that your toddler wouldn’t soon discover he can open up and empty all over the floor. After several piles of dirt and crumbs were left dumped on the carpet (and it is always full of stuff because I grab it ten times a day to zip up cereal and cracker crumbs, and grass and dirt dragged in by little feet), I explained to him how we empty it in the garbage. He mostly tries to do that now. . . . Mostly.

Also, he’s quite fond of this little device:


He loves to sharpen up a bag of colored pencils. Which is a lovely job to have done. Only, sometimes it overheats and stops working and makes him real mad. And other times (well, every time) he pulls out the little drawer of collected pencil shavings and dumps them where ever it suits his fancy.

Today he found a new thing to love. It is our SnackMaster sandwich maker. He’s carted it around all day opening and shutting it and telling me sandwiches are done and ready for the eating. He was quite upset when I wouldn’t let him take it to bed tonight, and even though I’ve told him it is a sandwich maker, he keeps getting confused and calling it a “grouchy maker”. I suppose its one of those things you never really think to consider before it happens, but when it DOES happen – when you have a little messy headed blonde boy shouting that he needs his grouchy maker -- well, it makes you love him an awful lot.


marz said...

I love that middle picture of him. He is so handsome, Nanc! Also - I was just thinking that I'm due to write you another letter. . . . so much to share! (Mostly just little funny things that I should have been blogging - but haven't)

Perla said...

i love him an awful lot. he's looking like abe an awful lot, too.

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