Monday, July 11, 2011

Mary Had a Little Lamp


Have any of you read this book? I am quite fond of any books written and illustrated or simply just illustrated by Bob Staake. I like his kooky little drawings so much. In fact, Mike knew this well enough that he actually gave me both of these Staake books for Christmas a year or two ago:IMG_7944

But, back to Mary and her little lamp. I couldn’t help but think of this book the other day when Goldie purchased the thing she was most wanting to spend her birthday money from Grandma Gayle on:IMG_7930_edited-1IMG_7925_edited-1That’s right. A little bendy armed desk lamp – in red. It wasn’t an impulse buy. Oh no. She’d seen it and, apparently, longed for it – with out my even knowing. Then birthday rolled around – and with it a little cash, and immediately, she needed to go buy the lamp at Wal-Mart . . . only when we got to Wal-Mart, Daisy informed Goldie that she was pretty certain the lamp Goldie had admired was a Target lamp. Sure enough, the only similar lamps at Wal-Mart were pink and green (and two dollars MORE!). So, off to Target. The only information she could give me as to its specific whereabouts in the store was this, “It was by the isle where Daisy’s eyes were watering so much.” Luckily, that was clue enough. I know Daisy and her sensitive little nose well enough to know that nothing drives her more crazy in a store than the isle of cleaning supplies. I didn’t know what a lamp would be doing there, but we headed that way and, sure enough, little red bending desk lamps for $9.99 just as Goldie had said. Who knew this was what she’d want very most for her birthday? Thanks Grandma Gayle!


marzer said...

Funny - "near the isle where Daisy's eyes were watering" . . . . and you're such a good mom that you knew right where that would be!

Perla said...

i love to think about goldie dreaming of a red desk lamp.

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