Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rashes and the Need Ads

Me: Penny, hold still. We need to change your diaper.

Penny: NO! Don't change me!

Me: We have to change you honey. Do you want to get a rash?

Penny: Yes!

Me: Silly. Rashes aren't fun. You don't want a rash.

Penny: YOU'RE A RASH!!!

Well, she bested me there. What kind of a comeback can one give to that? That darn girl. She should 100% be potty trained anyway. But she screams like I am trying to stick her in a vat of burning oil when I try to encourage her to sit on any type of potty. "You're a rash."? Sheesh.

And, speaking of rashes, here is something that has nothing to do with rashes. Although . . . now that I typed that, it occurs to me it might . . . if snake bites cause rashes that is.

The other night Mike was looking at the want ads on the laptop as I was slowly drifting off to sleep next to him. I made some clever remark about his precious want ads which prompted Mike to say that they were the need ads. I must have laughed (as I slipped closer to sleep) -- wondering what exactly we'd find in the need ads. Before I totally drifted off, Mike suggested anti-venom as one item we'd certainly find in the need ads. Anti-venom? Why would that be the first thing to come to Mike's mind when thinking of things people might need? I don't know, but before falling asleep I thought, "Huh. Anti-venom. Funny. . . . (drifting drifting) . . . remember that for tomorrow . . . just remember venom . . . zzzzz." Then, the next morning, all I could recall was, "v-v-v . . . hmmm . . . Vaseline . . . vinegar . . . what was so funny?" Luckily, a few days later anti-venom popped into my head again and with it, the whole conversation. When I told Mike I thought it was funny that anti-venom would be the first thing he would think of that someone might need, he simply pointed out that if you did need anti-venom, you would really NEED anti-venom.


Perla said...

ahh the penny. she and addie are two peas in a pod, i tell you. and that's true. if you need antivenom, i don't just "want" it. you NEED it. mike's always thinking a mile a minute.

Krissy-loo said...

Oh, that sassy Penny. Ethan's favorite thing right now is to shout, "Poo-head!" at me and Ellie at unexpected moments. :)

Tia Juana said...

Just so you know, another thing you may one day NEED and not just want is anti-fungal diaper rash ointment. And you might just need this when you have a small child and you are in town for only a day for your grandpa's funeral and it is a blizzard outside and you will be looking at your fungusey child's bum bum and your brother and your sister from AZ will have to go out in the brutal blizzard, braving the conditions, to get your child some anti-fungal diaper rash ointment at 11:30 at night so that you and your child can actually get some sleep before your flight leaves at 6:00 the next morning. Believe me, it will be more than a want, it will definitely be a need. Much like Anti-venom.

And you thought that rashes and anti-venom were completely unrelated. Now you know they are not. This I speak from experience and wisdom, with a deep abiding relationship with Lois Lane's long ago 2 year old bum bum.

Karen said...

Your Penny sounds a bit like my Wild Child. She use to tell me that she was going to stretch her dad like a t-shirt or shut me like a gate. I love their quick thinking little minds.

I too, think it is funny the first thing Mike would think of is anti-venom. I was thinking along the lines of a place to rent in a certain vicinity, but anti-venom could be a need.

Mugsy said...

Hah! sHE IS THE COOLEST KID EVER!!! Poor porr mom, just trying to be sweet and nice. trying to be nothing more than a good good mom and she rips off this remark. I think she was supposed to be my daughter. I would deserve that from her.

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