Friday, January 22, 2010

Daisy's Post

I made a butterfly, first mom made a butterfly then I put on papers.It had pinkish eyes, a purple face, a indigo mouth, pink antennaes, and a bunch of designs.I got pink eye so I had to stay home with Penny, Jesse, and mom.
P.S Mom did NOT write this.


Krista said...

Dear Daisy,

Your butterfly is beautiful and so are you! I'm sorry that you have pink eye. Pink is my favorite color, but not in my eye. Thanks for sharing your butterfly.

Your bloggy friend,

Perla said...

Dear Daisy,
Sorry you got pink eye. I love your butterfly. You are such a creative girl. You also write so well! I love you!
Aunt Shannon

Tia Juana said...

Dear Daisy,

Since you have such a full-size van driving cool mom, she should at least put you all in the van and take you to Dairy Queen. Even with your pink eye and your not being able to be by anybody, you would not have to worry being in that big old van because you wouldn't infect anyone, not even your brothers and sisters, with you on your own special seat! So, go tell your mom to take you to Dairy Queen to get a Blizzard or a Peanut Buster Parfait! I'm sure you will not spill on the new van seats, right? Not even a teensy weensy drop of anything! Go! Go now and tell your mom how pretty she looks when she drives the van. I'm sure she'll go for it. After all, no girl with pink eye should just sit home when there is a wonderous new transport sitting in the driveway!

And, I think your butterfly is magnificent!

A crazy lady who you don't know but who loves your uncle Troy.

Mugsy said...

I love that your little ones are doing posts. How fun! I am going to get motivated soon and have my little people help here and there!

Karen said...

I love your butterfly! It is gorgeous!! I hope your pink is gone now. I love how you wrote this blog yourself.

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