Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jesse Walks

Logically I know that it may not be that fun for someone else to watch my children's developmental milestones, but logic and I must lead very separate lives because I find myself wholly unable to imagine that anyone could not want to watch Jesse walking or that they even could watch it without beaming and clapping. Perhaps that is what makes us moms? That feeling about our own children's adorableness?

Really though, it was so cute and so surprising. It happened a few nights ago. I was reading Harry Potter to Abe and Daisy when Jesse decided he was ready to walk. There was no warning. No signs that walking was near. He is nearly 13 months (which I know would have most moms anxiously watching for steps), but none of my kids have walked before 15 months. Add to that the fact that he hasn't so much as stood with out aid of the table or taken any practice steps in twos or threes, and you can see why I wasn't even thinking to see those first steps for a few more months.

That is why it was so fun and exciting for all of us that Jesse, seemingly out of the blue, thought, "I guess now is as good of a time as any to start walking."

These films are of him after only two or three tries. He spent the whole evening crawling to our coat closet door and then walking from it to us.

These clips also give you some idea into what it is like being a mother to five small children. It is nothing if not an everyday exercise in multitasking. Here I am reading to some kids, filming another's first baby steps at the same time, as well as random things here and there with Penny and Goldie. Not to mention just having coaxed the older ones to get pj's on and teeth brushed while I cleaned up dinner (and all with no Mike, mind you -- which is part of the reason we had to get all this on film).

He doesn't walk very far in this one, but it is so funny to watch his sadness and frustration when he encounters an obstacle. I had asked Penny not to keep throwing her finished books in his path . . .

And then, of course, after the excitement died down, I got a little sad. I love the stage Jesse is about to enter. Toddlerhood is my favorite. It's just that him being a baby has passed by in such a blur. I feel sad that he is leaving it when I've hardly even noticed it passing.


Karen said...

He is darling wobbling around. I can not imagine anybody not wanting to see that either.

Yeaaaaaaah for Jesse!

Jana said...

Wow - he is really good for just standing up and doing it! I love how he is so proud of himself - waving his little hands like "Look here at me, and get these books outta my way!!!"

Lover of Sweets said... I'm wondering where Mike was. Cool that you caught those awesome little moments. So fun!

Perla said...

oh my goodness! how cute!!! that is so totally amazing but now i'm starting to feel sad that we only ever talk for one second about old navy sales and i can only know about the real stuff happening by reading your blog. i was clapping and cheering but shedding a small tear, too.

marzee said...

Yes - I know that sadness. Eli being my last one - I'm enjoying all of my last firsts and wishing they weren't piling up so quickly. What's even worse is knowing that I can't remember them all. I can't recall the ones that I've lost - and eventually I'll only have a few blurred snippets. Grown, gone, (and sadly forgotten) too soon.

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