Thursday, January 21, 2010

"A Proper Welcoming" or "Our Story isn't Over Yet"

Last night I told Mike I could never think of anything to blog about anymore. "Maybe our story is told," he said. It was a good run while it lasted.

He should be the first to know our story isn't all told. In fact, our story has just begun . . . again . . . with the purchase of our new van.

When I called my sister Megan today to tell her about the van (see previous post), she said, "Sweet! Now we have a van to run the Ragnar!"

We were just joking at first. The Ragnar is a 189 mile relay race through some of the hilliest places around here. And, of course, everyone uses vans to transport/sleep in as they pick up runners, drop off others, and wait their turn.

Before long, Megan and I were working out all the details about really running the race. (Yes, I know my foot is a wreck, but we aren't considering that). When I told Mike about it, he asked how it came up -- if it had come up because of our van, and, I had to admit that it had.

"See," he said, "Our van is a dream maker!"

Then, when I told him about my last mean post about our van, he told me I was approaching it all wrong. My van post should have been less, "I'll never be cool again," and more, "Good news! I am now officially and finally THEE coolest person ever. That's right. I own a full size van. Look at it and weep!"

So, that's what this new post is. A proper welcoming to our van.

Dear Van,

Welcome. I am so happy you joined us and that you are clean and new and a comfy ride. I am so excited for this Summer when my sister Shannon and I want to take our kids swimming or to the zoo because we'll all be chilling together -- in you. I like that my kids think you are the greatest thing that ever happened, and even though I am a little vain, I have only talked nicely about you to my kids so they won't ever think you are anything but AWE-SOME. And, even though I still mostly drive the truck, I realize from this sudden Ragnar business, that Mike is right -- you are a total dream maker. Who knows what adventures we will dream up now. And that is good because it was looking like our story was done -- it had all been told, but now that you are here, we will still have a stories to tell for years to come. Plus, it turns out that ONLY the coolest people even own full size vans. I can hardly believe I am now one of them.



Tia Juana said...

When Rod's brother got a big full size van I have to admit that I was more than a tad bit embarassed - both for them and for me to ever have to think about riding in it. But I have to admit, we had some darn good times in that van. And when we went trippin in it, to the cabin and such, you never had to be careful about packing too much. There was always plenty of room. Ane while my sis-in-law is tiny and petite, she always looks even more tiny and more petite when she drives it. I even suggested one time that maybe I should get one so that I would look tiny and petite.

But, the real coolness, dream maker factor is this: does it have a DVD player in it? Because whatever you may think about such a thing, I will never ever buy a van or other such kid hauler around without one. Talk about a dreamy ride - the kids just loll off into a zone and you have the best ride of your life and is typically the time when I often think of my best blog posts. See, this is what your blog has been needing - a DVD playing full size van!!!!!

Tia Juana said...

OH yeah, Congrats to Mikey.

Jill said...

5 extra seats, "dream maker," a foot that might need to rest from running for awhile... What a perfect time for, well you know what. Just saying.
As one who drives a suburban, I probably am not the authority on cool either, but I think the van is cool. and much more interesting than a honda odyssey. mini vans are motherly, full size vans are not.
Besides, it would take way more than a van purchase to take away your cool.

Perla said...

great posts. the van is cool. and you are cool...but wait...jason just told me that if i make him have one more kid then he is buying us one of those. i said, "but we have a van...and it still has one more seat." he said, "i didn't say we HAD to buy one of those vans, but i WILL buy one of those if you try to make us have another kid." i said, "fine cuz we have a daughter still." and he snidely said, "well by that time maybe mike will be looking to upgrade and we can just buy THEIR van." hm. there you go.

Perla said...

and yeah...i agree with jill...full size vans aren't motherly. they are more like "i-drive-around-troubled-youth-to-do-community-service-for-a-side-job" or something.

Kelly said...

I cannot tell Dave that you got that van. He wants one so bad and then he wants to jack it up. We saw one in Moab with the roof racks, 4-wheeling and all and he almost seriously had a heart attack.

I love the idea of space on the inside. My problem with a van is that it is quite impossible to park being that everyone is making parking places get even smaller (is that because I am getting elderly or something?)...good luck with that.

My bishop has a 20-seater and it is awesome. Hello next young women's pres...they need someone to haul all the giggly girls.

I want to come on a zoo trip but I guess I will have to follow you and shan in my stupid mini-van. You rock.

Kelly said...

Oh by the way I am still angry that I was voted "class clown", how cruel!

Nancy said...

OH how I have been loving these comments (as has Mike).

Jill, yes, those 5 empty seats are just staring at me -- as if begging to be filled.

Shan, I loved Jason's comments and that Mike and I will be ready to upgrade to a 15 passenger before long is awesome!

Kell, I'm glad to hear my husband isn't the only one -- I think that is exactly how he pictures our van -- all rigged up crazy like for some team trekking across the dessert with their cool racks and tread and who knows what . . . but I see it more like SHan . . . as me carting around a bunch of juvees.

Lara said...

Seeing your van gave me a blast from the past. I grew up with one of those vans hauling my family and friends around. It was awesome on trips. I even took my drivers license test in it and they didn't make me parallel park. So add that to your list of positives in owning a van. By the way our van was named "The Force". Its all about attitude. You can rock that van just as well as you do the boots.

Nancy said...

Oh Lara, my kids were totally trying to think up names the other night for it just like it was a new pet. If I tell them your van's old name, I know they will want to steal it . . . and then think of what a blast from the past it will be when you see "The Force II" driving around town!!

Mugsy said...

I think Mike was thinking: dream maker = baby maker. Proove me wrong I dare you! hah

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