Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Cool Text

I don't know that my niece Ashley has any knowledge of this, but Lorna Doone and Precious Bane happen to be two of my favorite old classic novels. That is why I got such enjoyment out of this tiny texted conversation today.

First, I received this text from Ashley:
Isn't Lorna Doone the story with the girl who has the harelip?

My reply:
You wish. That's Precious Bane. I have it if you are still here and want to borrow it. (Only, to be honest, my text didn't exactly say that -- some words were left out and some were spelled wrong altogether because I still don't really know how to text -- but, that is what it tried to say).

Ashley's response:
I wish? :) That is awesome that you said that. Dang. I guess I do wish actually. I checked out the movie Lorna Doone and kept waiting for harelip, but she never showed.

I love that she waited and waited through all of a movie that has nothing to do with a harelip for the girl with the harelip to make her appearance. And, I love tiny little moments in my day when someone gives me some tiny thing to chuckle about.


Krista said...

Ha! I've done the same thing before. You watch an entire movie waiting for a certain part and it wasn't what you remembered. I love it!

Ashley said...

I can't tell you how much I love being a part of your blog! Yay!

jami said...

:) funny. it's good to have those kind of chuckle moments. :)

Sarah said...

Nancy I love reading your blog because it makes ME chuckle!

Mugsy said...

This is a great idea! I have super cool textx from people, but ofcourse Ashley!! M

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