Tuesday, March 4, 2008

If you could hear us, this is what you'd hear

Not much new here, but speaking of “here,” if you happened to be here, sitting about and listening over the past few days, these are a few of the things you might have overheard (I occasionally jot little things down after they’ve been said and then lose them in various drawers through-out the house).

Abe: All of the sudden I just feel so happy. I don’t know why, it’s like I’m under a magic spell!

Me: See how happy I am with you right here with me?
Mike: Yes, I’m here with you, and yet my thoughts are so far from you.
Me: I know. They are off with a dry farm somewhere in the middle of Idaho or with a van you saw in Portland.
Mike (sighing and smiling): You’re a bad wife.
Me: I know. You wanted a bad wife, that’s why you married me.
Mike: You’re the worst wife.
Me: You knew what I was when you picked me up.
(Don’t worry, Mike’s smart-alec remarks are only said when he loves me most)

Goldie (talking to Penny in her sweetest “baby talk” voice): You love your Daisy, don’t you! You love your Daisy! I’m your Daisy!
Me: Are you being Daisy today?
Goldie: I’m just saying that so she’ll like me, mom.

Me: Do we have any rope around? I’m supposed to do an object lesson where they try to break a rope and then I show them how they can pull it apart one strand at a time and relate it to family unity.
Mike: You could use that pull-a-part licorice. Oh, and have them listen to heavy metal music while they do it.
Me (laughing): What?
Mike: Didn’t they ever do that object lesson in Seminary? You have to hold your arm out and someone tries to push it down while you listen to inspirational music and you’re STRONG, then they do it with heavy metal music on and you’re weak.

Daisy: Mom, right as I was saying, “every time I look at Penny she smacks me in the face,” she smacked me in the face! She’s cute. She’s so cute. Maybe she’ll smack everyone in the face!

Me (after dinner with some cousins): You said some pretty funny stuff tonight.
Mike: I know. I save it up for months. I write it all down to be ready.
Me: You probably just go to my blog to get everything to say.

Goldie: I have to do so much things! Go potty, rest, eat my candy, listen to the song so much times!

Abe (after letting his pal Jake borrow one of his cowboy hats for "country-western day"): Well. Jake has head lice now.
Me: What??
Abe: If you wear someone's hat for a long time then you get head lice.

Well, there you have it. Nothing especially clever, inspirational or funny, but just a little of the sounds of our home.


Mugsy said...

O I think this is the best post yet! I feel like I have been hanging out with youguys. I love it! Meg

Liz217 said...

Whatever "nothing funny", I was laughing my head off! That Goldie is one funny and sweet girl I wish I was around to get to know your kids in person. I guess this blog will have to do, for now.

Rhonda said...

I am laughing out loud! I just love your family! I am so glad that you took the time to write these things down. I love Goldie's stressful "to do" list and Daisy's Penny/smacking comment. So great!

jami said...

ok. that's hilarious ... from you, to mike, right on down the line! :) thanks for the chuckle... xoxo

Perla said...

Oh, how I wish I would record funny things like that! So awesome. I almost PMP when Daisy was all happy about Penny smacking her in the face. Great stuff. Excellent Post.

Kathy J said...

Nancy - what a great idea and very funny...I enjoyed that Abe just calmly stated the fact that now he will have head lice...AND his magical happiness...little kids...I miss them!

Lover of Sweets said...

That was much too funny! I can just see MIke accusing you of being a "bad" wife with the most loving look on his face. You guys are very witty and clever...it's sweet that even your kids are. Cool little family you got.

marzee said...

Ohhhhh So funny! I could barely read them aloud to Jon I was laughing so hard. Thanks, that was a hoot! We both loved it. (When did you get so funny? JK!)

jami said...

ps-so i have to tell you that i totally related to you saying you write the things they say on paper and then it's all over your house. i'm the same, but it's post-its for me. my sister called it "post-it-note-hell" because i had so many ... well. i guess that's what happens when you hear so many funnies during the day!

Gracie J said...

That Goldie says some good stuff! I like writing down funny things, because I know I won't remember them later on unless I do. Ana's thing lately is, "I just wanted to tell her that I did NOT appreciate it!" That is, if someone has been rude to her. She thinks she's 25, I'm pretty sure.

And tell Mike that if you ever teach a lesson with Heavy Metal music that I definitely think you should use Guns 'n Roses and I definitely think I should get to sit in on it.

BS and the Kids said...

What a cute little family you have. It sounds like your kids have learned a thing or two from you. . .

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