Friday, March 28, 2008

Bad Tooth Fairy

My mission, here on my blog, it is beginning to seem, is to bolster the confidence of other mothers by giving them one example after another of my motherly failings -- refusing to allow my children to exercise their creative minds in crafts, never making a princess skirt for my daughter, etc. Well, if seeing my weaknesses helps just one of you out there to think, "I guess I'm not such a bad mother after all," then my purpose is served. (Don't worry, my kids are resilient, they'll be fine). Anway, here is one more instance of my being a less than perfect mother.

Daisy lost a tooth on Saturday. It was her first and she’d been dying to lose a tooth, so we made quite a fuss over it. Then, on Tuesday, Abe lost a tooth. It was his seventh. I thought we’d seemed excited enough, but apparently not. That evening he came to me and questioned, “Mom, why do people get so excited about some people losing a tooth and not so much about others?” I tried to cheer him up and tell him we were excited but we just thought he was more used to losing teeth by now or something. Still, you’d think after my son hinting that he was feeling a bit left out of toothy attention, we would not have let things end up in such a manner that he would have cause to tell me the next morning, “Well, the tooth fairy didn’t come last night.” -- which is exactly what he did have cause to tell me because no, the tooth fairy did not come. She forgot all about the lonely, hardly paid attention to, seventh tooth of my son. Man, bad mom. Still, last night the tooth fairy did leave him this dollar: Yah, it’s a shirt. Sweeeeet.

P.S. I am not such a bad mom now anyway because by performing my motherly duty of complaining loudly that I couldn’t make my daughter a princess skirt, I inspired the pity of a very wonderful sister who sent this in the mail (along with a letter saying it was from her fairy godmother and telling her how she was a real princess up in heaven, etc. It made me cry. Nice.):


marzee said...

Well, now you'll have to tell us what Abe thought of the cool "T-Shirt" money.

And if that princess skirt isn't queen of all princess attire, I don't know what is! So, I guess now Daisy can pretend she's Cinderella both before and after the Godmother. ;) Love you Nanc!

Perla said...

I'm so happy Daisy likes her princess skirt. That is an awesome way for Abe to receive a dollar, too. So all is well. Regrettably Grace's tooth is now just growing in behind the old tooth instead of really pushing it out so she is very sad that her tooth has still not come out. We're going to the dentist on Thursday but she's worried that it won't count if the dentist has to pull it out. I keep assuring her that it will and Uncle John will still give her the dollar he promised to give her.

Lover of Sweets said...

THAT is the cutest little dollar bill shirt I have ever seen, surpassing all other dollar bill shirts. Ok, this is actually the first, but cool cool cool.
Poor Hebee...I like how he nicely tried to make you aware of his situation, excluding Daisy's name when saying "why do OTHER people get so much attention when loosing a tooth". He is one of a kind, that kid.
Daisy's skirt is sooooo cute! Job well done Fairy Godmother!
Please please please help me figure out my sewing machine that I got 2 Christmases ago. I was used to using an old Kenmore from when Marci was in junior high sewing class. Too too technical for me!

Nancy said...

Yah, Mike folded that dollar shirt. Abe has since lost another tooth (he likes to lose 'em in two's). So he now has two dollar shirts. He seemed to like them ok, but I think he should have been way more amazed. I was. Oh well, it's better than when he got a sacagewea gold dollar and thought it was just a lame old quarter.

P.S. Yes, SHan is the best little seamstress, and that is a perfect idea, Marzee --- letting her use my "skirt" to be poor poor cinderella and SHan's after fairy godmother comes.

Gracie J said...

I'm always so worried that I'm either going to (1 forget to play tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, what-have-you and or (2 I'm going to get caught while doing so. I had to pretend to be a leprachaun on St. Patrick's Day. I'll tell you that story some time. It sounds like having the shirt folded like a dollar bill more than made up for the fact that Abe has a somewhat forgetful tooth fairy. Daisy looks super-sassy in that Princess skirt!

Anonymous said...

The tooth fairy has forgotten to come to our house before too so don't feel too bad. I think my kids secretly hope the tooth fairy will forget or will be "too busy with all the teeth that must have fallen out that day" because the tooth fairy always brings two dollars on the second day. Liz

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