Friday, March 14, 2008

Lessons from a butterfly net

The previous post (about kids learning . . . or not learning something from FHE) reminded me of one of my favorite Daisy stories. It was a summer or two ago. Daisy would absolutely not share her butterfly net with a neighbor boy even though she was no longer using it. Because my kids generally do seem to know the "right" answer in FHE or Primary, I thought I could make Daisy's situation more clear to her by presenting it thusly:

"Daisy, what if they told a story in primary about a little girl who had a net that she was done using and a sad little neighbor boy who had no net to use? Do you think they would say the little girl should share the net or just keep it for herself?"

It seemed to be working. Daisy paused and pursed her lips in an uncomfortable thinking sort of way, but then she replied (in a tone of some annoyance), "Mom, they would never say that kind of a story in Primary!" And with that, she skipped happily into the house with her net.


Liz217 said...

Nice try on that one. I was recently thinking I would try the same thing with my kids on how they are so mean to each other sometimes. I thought that if I made up primary story about kindeness to siblings they would realize they should be nice instead of the naughty-pants that they usually are. Maybe it won't work as well as I had hoped.

Perla said...

Daisy is far too astute for that. Good try, though.

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