Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Little Notes

There is something I love so much about finding a little note left somewhere for me. Just a silly or kind little thing that makes you realize someone was thinking of you or of making you laugh with out your even being there at the time. My high-school friends and I loved notes. Liz and I would steal Jessica's car horn and leave ransom notes, and we were forever writing and passing each other ridiculous papers at school. (I must apologize to them that none of those notes are posted here as I could only find funny long ones). In college friends and I would leave notes on each other's cars, and my sisters and I also left each other notes. I am sad I couldn't find more of them. I did find some of the long thoughtful ones, but there were many many more left as birthday signs, or bathroom mirror notes or Amy cursing me for not being home to go running with her that I couldn't find! Still, here are a few samples of the happyness that is a note.

A treaty note: this was left in my suitcase with a box of party-mints (the lyrics are from a song "Party Girl" that we used to love)

A goodbye note: this was left on my dresser by my sister-in-law Allie as they were headed back home after a Summer visit.

A "here is something for you" note: this was left along with a new curling iron and blow-dryer by my sister Megan before she headed on a flight back home (she had mocked me during her stay for having the same old curling iron we'd aquired from her friend Kim during high-school).

A "little bit smart-alecy" notes: Both of these were left by my brother Chris. One next to a tithing check and the other on the wall on my 16th (driver's liscence) birthday.

The compliment note: This was written on my history paper by Pat Butler (who taught many of us) He liked the paper.

The kid note (a personal favorite type of note): this one was left from my little Tessa who is all grown now, but she lived with us for a time when she was my small little niece.

This kid note was from my very own son when he felt he had gone astray

The Husband notes: Obviously these are some of my favorites. Not because they are what you might think a husbandly note should be, "I love you, you're the best," but because they just make me smile at my spouse.

This particular husband note was left on the counter for me along with some of his finals.


Mugsy said...

Hee hee, nancy this was awesome! I love that you happen to still have notes like that floating around.It's funny how something like those notes bring back so many memories. I hope to start blogging again, but you saw the old housey house. lots of painting to do. Lots of emergancy rooms to go visit if you catch my drift. Rock on Sister!!! Meg

Lover of Sweets said...

How cool that you went through all your stuff to find these notes! I especially loved the one from Abe...what a good little son.
I did like the ones from Chris...I get cool notes from him every once in a while, he makes me laugh oh so much!

Thanks for sharing those.
Awesome post!

Lover of Sweets said...

Oh no Meg, I just read your comment up there. Please please please do NOT tell me you are painting in poor ventilated areas again!
Oh, I love you too, thanks for taking the time to read my crazy little posts!

Tash said...

so cute great post. I love Chris's note. I also love the one from Pat a teacher who said when he teaches the last Allred he quits ha ha
Abe's was the best though!!!!!!Ahhhhh

Melissa, Ryan and Addy said...

Who doesn't love a little note! It is always so nice to get one. My friend Erin Bryner whom you might remember, (Girlfriend to Tone Te, who thought he was gonna make it big in the music biz. as a rapper!) wrote a minimum of 2 notes per day to each other during our middle school days. It was always so fun to come to my locker and find that she had left a note in there for me. Ahhh...the good old days!

Perla said...

oh that was the best post ever! why haven't i saved more notes!? i am quite sure pat butler's teaching career did deteriorate quite violently after the allreds graduated...unless...grandkid allreds?

jami said...

nancy-great post! how fun to see all those notes. i can't believe you've kept so many! :) isn't it great how something so small and simple means so much?

BS and the Kids said...

Wow, I can't believe you have that many notes floating around still. But, I did keep my birthday notes from Jerusalem, so what more can I say. Very fun.

Tessa said...

.. I think I win for most thoughtful and sweet note of all time! Who knew I once had such a sweet, kind, caring soul.. Wonder where that has off and run to..
Love you!

my room is still warm if you need it.

Gracie J said...

I typed such a cool, long comment, but I'm on my parents' p.c. that has crappy internet connection and it all went away without posting. UGH! At any rate, I did want to tell you that I obviously love notes so very much, specifically those where my horn was being held for ransom. I also got a HUGE laugh out of the notes that Chris left for you. However, I wish that you had some notes from your dad about driving more slowly down Polk or any of his lists of rules. I did love those everso. And I must say that Tessa's note is about the sweetest thing ever! I miss those nieces and nephews of yours. I'm sure Tessa is still a very nice girl with a very warm room...but I of course still picture her being 10-years-old and she's probably married by now. This post was very enjoyable. Anytime Abe is naughty and you give him treats and he feels he isn't worthy, feel free to send them to me instead. I will be appreciative.

Nancy said...

Jess, Mike just read your comment and it reminded him of how much he loved to see all those red-pen notes posted about our house instructing us in various things we needed to be doing. I forgot how well everyone appreciated those notes of my fathers.

Heeere's J-dude: said...

So Troy told me that this was his favorite ever post of yours....and it is quite good I must say! Very funny and reminds me of my own fun notes! He told me this after I talked to him today and told him we, you and I, were tight.

I also told him that if you ever lived by me I was sure we would be good friends.

I have yet to lurk at Shannon since we talked. If you talk to her about me - as if to warn her - let her know that I will blog at her when I am done with Leadership Meeting, our upcoming Camp Meeting, our Personal Progress fireside and, yeah, I'm done with Modest prom.....Oh, to be able to blog all the day and not feel guilty. I will be tight with her some day too.

Pat Butler - is he still alive? Seriously?

Nancy said...

SHe is my brother-in-law's sister and was in Aaron's grade in high-school. I lurked on her blog off of Marnie's and was forced to comment since she'd asked why all of us darn lurkers never do. Anywho, go read her comment on my "tiny feet" or "little feet" or whatever it was post and you will know who she is and if you are lucky . . . verrrryyy lucky . . . maybe she will like you as much as me -- but I can't promise anything. I'm a very likeable person.

Nancy said...

OH, sorry if that comment made no sense to anyone, my sister had asked me about the previous comment and I was replying.

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