Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Delicious Snack

So, I occasionally buy a super tasty snack called “Munchies.” Yes, the name is silly and I would feel much cooler saying how I love the snack if its name was different, but don’t pass judgment just yet, wait til you hear what it is. It is nothing new really, it is just Doritos, Cheetos, Sun Chips and Pretzels all mixed together. The thing is, Mike can never understand why I buy it. I think it’s the pretzels. I have to pick all of those out. I’m pretty sure they are just there as a filler. Mike told me I would be better off just buying three separate bags of chips and mixing them. He even threw in that I could mix up a bunch and just “freeze” some – I guess to appeal to my Mormonly instincts to can, bottle, freeze and store. The real problem with that is, in “Munchies,” the chips are smaller than normal size – you know, so you can toss a few Doritos, Cheetos and Sun Chips all in your mouth at once. Who out there among you could be unhappy with such a pleasant snack? Still, I like what Mike left in my Easter basket:
And here it is, all mixed like it should be (not a single pretzel to rummage past):

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