Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Summer Re-Cap (of sorts)

Summer has been busily hurtling itself along: intent on finishing its race and passing the torch off to fall; and it is a good thing it is fall who summer is passing off to because if it were anyone else, I would be very blue about all of this coming to an end. Fall, autumn: holidays approaching, pumpkins and leaves, cooler temperatures and better running weather. All of that is, at least, some solace for the loss of summer (marked by the first day of school – which, for us, will be happening in just 15 short days).

As we all know, the pressure to stay caught up (from a journaling standpoint) has never affected me much. If it did, I would never blog again for stress at the idea of all of the happenings that have, well, happened, and with nary a word written about them. I will say though that there has been plenty of:


and jumping
frog costumes no less)

and swinging

and hanging from things

and growing of vegetables

. . . and flowers

. . . and weeds
(I always love Mike a little extra when he’s weeding)

. . . and babies
(My goodness. Hasn’t he grown?!)

There has been plenty of wearing pajamas far too late in the day

and plenty of Bear Lake

and cousins at Bear Lake

and cousins visiting
(actually, we have two of the kids’ second cousins here – down for a visit from WA. Thanks Jenn!)

and haircuts

and crying and sleep deprivation

and fort building

and hammocks

and crafting

and birthday celebrating

and reading

and games

and all around cuteness!

There has also been plenty of: projects that needed doing not getting done, summer goals not being followed through with, plans that fell through, moments (and days) of whining and grumpiness, kids dragging about in utter boredom begging “What can I do” and being threatened with chores if they asked again. There has been plenty of mess making and squabbling, and frustration and exhaustion. Not all sunshine and sparkles. But, lots of sunshine and sparkles. And all in all a very good summer that I am sad to see already turning the corner and running down the home stretch!


Kimberly said...

Oh, Nancy, what fabulous photos! What lucky kids they are to be growing up with you and Mike as their parents and with you documenting their childhood.

jami said...

What a great post.... I love the bday post, with grandma giving a book with money. My mom does the same. And I love your amazing photographs that are increidible and calming--does that sound weird? I love your summer recap and I can't believe it's time to move into fall either...your flowers and yard are beautiful. I'm jealous...great post! So fun to see your summer in photos!

Ashley said...

You are so cool. Sometimes I think I could never be anywhere as cool as you, but maybe if I try REALLY, really hard for the next few years, I can come up pretty close. That is my goal.

Nancy said...

Psh, Ashley, you passed me up on coolness the day you were born!!

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