Sunday, July 22, 2012

Boy + Monkey

Dear Sock Monkey,

We know it has been a tough few years for you.

When you came to stay with us some two and a half years ago (when your owner was just a wee lad not yet walking), you still had all of your red mouth. You still had two little black yarn dots for a nose. You had no permanent brown stains on your head and face. Your back hadn’t split open and been roughly stitched together again multiple times. You hadn’t suffered the indignity of being spilled on, thrown-up on, or dropped in the mud. You hadn’t yet had to spend countless hours swirling around in a washing machine. And . . . you still had fluff in your neck.

When we realized what was happening, we tried to ease the attentions placed upon you. Your owner’s grandma found two other sock monkeys to bear some of the burden. Unfortunately it was soon discovered that while these additions were welcome to tag along with you now and then, they would never be allowed to spell you off completely.

By the time it occurred to us to try and find another sock monkey that looked just like you – one with which you could alternate – well, there was no longer any sock monkey in the world that looked or felt at all “just like you”.

Like I said, I know it has been rough on you. Who knew being loved so well could be so . . . draining? You have been loved well though, and isn’t that every stuffed animal’s dream? So, I plead with you, Sock Monkey: hold out as long as you can. Jesse is far too young to be faced with the reality of a world where sock monkeys don’t last  forever.


Jana said...

Dang, those are some cute pictures! This post made me want to cry! Dear, sweet, sock money... and his boy.

Mr.Mrs.Pack. said...

Makes me think of the Velveteen Rabbit. Isn't that every stuffed animals purpose in life? To be loved (taken everywhere with until it falls apart)? Such cute pictures!

BS and the Kids said...

You are awesome! I love your cleverness, and you wonder where Abe gets it?!? I can't stop laughing about the bus....and you definitely make me want to have the intention of blogging more since you capture all the little things in life I don't with the kids. We NEED to get together. Makes me wonder when, but we should be able to figure something out soon.

jami said...

Oh how I love this post!! And I love how our little ones attach themselves to something and won't let it go.... Loved this post, and have the same wish for my lexie who can't do anything without her "blankie" ... And amazing pictures, as always!!!

Perla said...

Awesome post. I need to blog about miles bunny so we don't forget. I love how you addressed the post to the monkey. And fantastic photos!!

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