Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I love you but I don’t love you!


Poor Jesse just said the cutest and saddest little thing. I understood very easily exactly what he was expressing with his strangely ambivalent little outburst.

He’d gotten out of bed several times tonight – and been warned repeatedly that it could not continue.

When I came in again to find him not only out of bed, but at Anders crib laughing and giggling with his previously-sleeping baby brother, I was quite upset and spoke, perhaps, a bit too sternly as I reproved him.

It must have been all too much – the knowledge of his guilt, the need to let me know we were still pals, the feeling that I was being far too harsh – because he burst out sobbing and exclaimed, “Mom! I love you. But Mom! I DON’T love you!” Then he sobbed some more.

I’m sure it did nothing to help me in training him to stay in bed, but I couldn’t help but pause to comfort, kiss, and hug the sobbing little wrong doer after that.


Perla said...

Oh I love these 3 year old boys!!!

Mr.Mrs.Pack. said...

Oh my goodness! Ha so cute!

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