Friday, July 20, 2012

I would be hard pressed

To come up with something cuter than this nine month old.

And here is something pretty awesome about him: he oft times looks a wee bit sinister when he smiles.

“Look at me I’m sweet and innocent”:

“Bwahahaha . . . I am NOT sweet and innocent. I am an evil villain and you fell for it!”:

“No. No. Just sweet and innocent. Don’t blame me for anything.”:

It makes me think of Jack Jack from The Incredibles.

But, look at these pictures of Penny showing him flash cards the other day. Clearly only sweetness and goodness here.
Of course, even the sweetest kid can have too much of a good thing when it comes to flash cards.


Perla said...

oh so cute! what a darling boy! i hope hope hope i can come to tessa's wedding so i can see him again before he's a toddler or something crazy. i love that he has a sinister face. and also, great idea of draping something over the high chair before the photo shoot. i am forever taking photos of lila in her highchair but am distracted because its not cute just all plastic-y with probably some gross food caked on it.

Nancy said...

Ooh, I hope hope you can come to Tessa's wedding too!! And yah, that was a good idea, huh. Half my pics of Anders are in his high-chair, and the goofy patterned back always is so distracting. I think I will just keep this little blanket right nearby for any time I want to take high chair pics.

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