Friday, August 24, 2012

Some Last Bits of Summer 2012

I don’t know how many of you remember our failed attempt at a Lemonade Stand a few years back. We bought sodas, set up a table, etc. And not one car stopped (saving their grandma who drove over to cheer their little hearts a bit with one sale). Since then I have been loathe to let them have another – beg though they have. Finally, when they had plead enough one day (our little neighbor Lorelei was over pleading right along with them), I washed my hands of it and told them to have one if they wished, but I saw no need to do all the fancy stuff we’d done before (seeing as nobody would stop anyway). So they mixed up some generic Crystal Light, grabbed a stool to set things on, drew a quick sign and were ready for business with-in five minutes.

And, believe it or not, the customers flooded in. Apparently, the kids informed me, what was really needed to sell lemonade, wasn’t a cute table and desirable drinks. What it required, and what they’d been missing last time; was lots of jumping up and down, and yelling, and cartwheeling, and waving at each and every car as it drove by. Keep that in mind for your own kids future lemonading enterprises.

And here is more of Bear Lake. The marina is chalk full of fish. Fish, fish, fish.IMG_7543_edited-1IMG_7557_edited-1

And  fish food. Which Jesse ate. Because who puts fish food in what is clearly a candy dispenser? He was very disappointed.IMG_7592_edited-1IMG_7631_edited-1IMG_7633_edited-1IMG_7641_edited-1IMG_7695_edited-1IMG_7705_edited-1IMG_7737_edited-1IMG_7742_edited-1IMG_7755_edited-1IMG_7763_edited-1IMG_7789_edited-1IMG_7790_edited-1

Mike spent a lot of time driving in circles over bushes and weeds, and then using a brush cutter to carve out a 4-wheeling trail for the kids.IMG_7799_edited-1

My parents came to Bear Lake with us one night. They took us to La Beau’s for Mike’s birthday lunch. Then we all went over to the property where my grandma’s trailer used to be and snuck in through a gap in the fence so we could walk about and reminisce. IMG_7862_edited-1IMG_7863_edited-1

And this rock is THEE rock. The very rock that waves would splash past before hitting the trailer window. The very rock we sat on to play Barbies. The very rock that had a perfect little divet where water would collect and where you might sit on occasion. I wonder if I can buy that rock.

And, in other important summer news. Anders has learned his first official animal sound. It may not surprise you to hear that the sound is: Bock bock.


Perla said...

I love that Anders says Bock bock! Abe looks so much older all of the sudden! Is it the haircut? Man, he looks like a big kid. And of course the Bear Lake pictures make me want to cry. Love you!

Nancy said...

In truth, Anders is a little soft on the "ck" part, so his bock bocking could use a little work.

And Abe. I don't know. He did get a haircut, but mostly, he is just really suddenly so old. I remember 6th grade so well and hardly being a kid at all. Crazy. We even have to shop in men's now. What?

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