Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some Jesse Chit Chat

“Jesse,” I just warned, “Now, if I come in your room and see you out of bed talking to Anders, I might have to take away your monkey for the night.”

“And rip him up?” Jesse questioned.

“No, just take him away for the night.”

“And throw him in the garbage??” Jesse asked fretfully – seeking for more clarification.

“No. I would just take him away until morning.”

“Oh.” Jesse nodded and headed back to his bedroom.

Mike suggested he was letting us know the threats that might work best on him.

Also, the poor boy has had a rather large wart on his hand these past few weeks. Truly it was not a pleasant sight. We’d tried to take care of it ourselves with some store bought remedy and had no luck. Finally we went and had it frozen. The doctor was skeptical though – saying it might not work at all. I was more concerned when my cousin’s wife showed me a picture of her son’s wart – eerily similar to Jesse’s – and told me how the freezing only turned it black and more frightful but never did away with it. Luckily, Jesse’s seems to be nearly gone now. I am relieved. It caused him considerable pain any time it was bumped, etc. And, it cost us a tidy sum of money to have it frozen, so, we have all been hooraying its quick disappearing. Today, I overheard this:

“Gold, look, at my wart.”

“Wo! It’s going away!”

“Yah, so I can punch bad guys easier.”

I guess we all had our reasons for wanting it gone.


jami said...

I seriously love the conversations with little people, and I love the wart story...he totally sounds like mY boys and their need to get rid of bad guys.

Ashley said...

So I can punch bad guys easier...wow, that's awesome.

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