Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Little Halloweensters

Bah. Whatever, spellcheck. Halloweensters is totally a word.


And proof that the sixth little Halloweenster was also a participant in Halloween 2011.


I realize some of these costumes are starting to look a bit familiar. That 15 dollar Costco wolf costume spent its 4th night trick-or-treating last night. Monkey is probably not far behind . . . it may have even adorned the same kid last year. I truly do admire all of you that sew and thrift store scavenge and slave away to create the perfect costumes each year. It’s impressive. And cute. Sigh. Sooo cute.

But, there is something to be said for things actually coming together with my method . . . which is more like this: “So, Halloween is tomorrow. Abe? What do you want to be? A hobo, you say? Umm . . . OK . . . start ripping and cutting holes in some clothes and I’ll try and wash them with all our loads of laundry so they get frayed. Yes, I think I can wash them enough times by tomorrow. What? What’s that? You are wondering if you should roll in the dirt to make them look more authentically hobo-ish? Hmm. Oh! I know! Rub some of that old face makeup on them. That should work. What? You don’t want to use makeup. OK, well, I didn’t mean makeup. I meant paint. Face paint. You just sometimes call it makeup, but no, it’s paint. Paint! OK, we are set. No wait. What’s that, Goldie? You wanted to be a skeleton? Oh. Dear. I forgot. Let’s go to Target and see if they have a skeleton costume. (Drive to Target). Hmm. They don’t. How about a witch? We have that witch Daisy wore in a box in the basement. You can have purple eye shadow on. . . . Deal? OK. Let’s get Halloweening.”

I must say, one of my favorite things is dropping my kids off at school on Halloween morning. I dropped off my neighbor’s kids as well this year. It was so fun seeing all these little witches and vampires and the like streaming excitedly out of my van – eagerly shouting to soldier and clown friends while also trying to take in all the other costumes of giddy little kids running into the building.

I also loved Jesse stumbling down from each doorstep after trick-or-treating last night laughing and giggling, “Too much candy! It’s too much candy Mom!”

Ahh, what a great country we are to celebrate this pagan holiday. It’s grand.


Perla said...

hey! i think daisy's vampire outfit is the same one i got for addie! there was no creativity for me this year. and i love the place we live but was very sad that we couldn't celebrate at school because there are too many other cultures and religions here that are against it. interesting.

Nancy said...

yah, too bad -- although, sometimes, I hate having to get them readied up sooo many times (ward party, school, halloween night, etc.). In WA all our russian neighbors were down on halloween (as opposed to down WITH halloween). They just had notes on their doors telling us to come back on a good Christian holiday like Christmas and they would be happy to give us candy. I should have given it a try!

Nancy said...

oh, and yes, I am sure it is the same cheap target vampire costume.

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