Friday, November 18, 2011

Nearly Thanksgiving

And today I’m especially thankful for:

My little daytime helper who plays with Jesse when I am busy with Anders and coos to Anders when I am busy with Jesse, and helps get things ready for dinner while her two little brothers nap, . . . and who thinks that the best way to make an outfit really work is to match the color of your pants with the color of your shirt as closely as possible.

And oldest brothers who put up with quite a bit from all their little siblings. The other day Mike and I were downstairs. We could hear Abe upstairs with Penny as she insisted time and time again that he play some game with her. Mike commented that having siblings – that our kids having siblings – wasn’t half bad (as neither of us would have had the patience or energy to play that small game over and over). Today I’m especially thankful that my younger kids have this oldest brother for a sibling (and I have him for a son – that feels UNBELIEVABLY lucky to me).


marzee said...

I don't know why, but Abe looks so grown up rolling his eyes like that.

Perla said...

what good things to be thankful for. and those photos turned out so cool of the girls running all amuck around abe. what a good kid he is!

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