Friday, November 4, 2011

Scarves (or maybe scarfs?)

If you are ever tidying up the kitchen while your baby naps and notice that your daughter who is sitting on the window ledge above the sink (digging through her pumpkin bucket hoping to find some last missed piece of “good” candy) looks pretty cute, and then you happen to notice your camera is sitting right nearby on the kitchen counter because earlier in the day your husband had charged you with the task of taking a picture of the rooster that began crowing that morning (so rooster could be put for sale in the local classifieds), and if you pause your cleaning and take a picture of your daughter, and then suddenly think, “I wonder if maybe I should hurry and make all of my daughters sit on this ledge . . . and wrap scarves around their heads and have their pictures taken”.

The answer is: Yes, yes you should do that (even if your son says they all look like “hobos”. . . . Because what does he know anyway? He was a hobo for Halloween so his thoughts are hobo prone and don’t really count).






Tia Juana said...

So creative and artistic you are when you clean your kitchen! I can't help but sing "Sunrise! Sunset!" while swooning over your growing daughters! Pretty soon, before you know it, they'll be singing "Matchmaker, Matchmaker!!!".

Leslie Lynn said...

Thanks is only so true that we can only relate so far as we've experienced and I too thought I had experienced some of what others had before Livi, but really I hadn't. She is amazing at what she can get into. I am glad to hear it gets better. I keep thinking we've passed the stage of toilets (she used to drink the water no matter what was inside, yummy huh, and dip toilet paper into it and suck out the water) but it keeps coming back...though I don't think she's drinking it now, so I guess we have progressed! It is nice to hear the garbage scenario happens in other homes too.
I keep telling myself "Just take the time to calmly clean it is ok. Nothing can be done now" Sometimes it works and sometimes I am exhausted.
Your wonderful Nancy!

jami said...


Anonymous said...

Ha I love that you said, "his thoughts are hobo prone and don't really count."
sos (meant xox)

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