Wednesday, November 2, 2011

While the Older Ones are at School . . .

And the baby is sleeping or being fed, the little ones . . .


climb on the window sills and try to pull down the blinds?


Pretty much stuff like that.

And also they watch a lot of Blue’s Clues.

And some Pingu.

And eat Halloween candy for breakfast . . .

And wear the tell-tale signs of it on their faces and shirts the rest of the day.

But look, they are clearly just fine without all of that interactive mother stuff:


I mean . . . kind of fine?


Sure they are. Besides, I did “school time” with Penny the other day.

And let Jesse play “kitchen” with the waffle maker and blender and popcorn popper and lots of other stuff . . . until he sliced his finger open on a blade associated with the blender.

And now that Ander Cakes (a name bestowed on him by Penny one day) is one month old:


I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot more of that! Well . . . a lot more of the school time and good stuff . . . hopefully a little less of the “letting them cut their fingers open with sharp blades” stuff. Hopefully.

P.S. You probably already all know this (assuming you’ve experienced it), but maybe one of the best things you can experience in this life is snuggling a newborn – fresh from the bath and covered in pink baby lotion – right up next to your face so you can kiss and smell their tiny downy-haired head. It’s pretty good with just the baby . . . but add the pink lotion and, well, kind of perfect.


Tia Juana said...

And also, I don't know about you, but it has to be 'Baby Magic' pink lotion! All other brands fail in comparison! Lotion him up and smell him for me. And kiss too.

I wonder if you lotioned up Jesse if he'd snuggle a little more.....hummmm.

Nancy said...

While I didn't know it had to be Baby Magic, Baby Magic IS what I have . . . so maybe that is why it was seeming so dreamily perfect!!

Jill said...

I love the smell of newborn baby breath- only my newborns and only when they are just nursing. Scott used to tease me that I was "taking another hit" when he would see me snuggling up with the baby with my nose right by their mouth. Turn on a few more Blues Clues episodes and snuggle away. It is not quite fair how fast newborns grow up. And seriously, a month already?

jami said...

i think your kids look perfectly happy and content with their current situation. :)

and i'm with you, i love, LOVE that newborn smell. my sister told me she loves it because they still smell like heaven. so maybe it's part baby magic lotion, and maybe part heaven, but whatever it is, it's great! :)

Oysterblogger said...

goodness he looks like Abe!

Anonymous said...

Keep taking millions of these amazing photos of your kids, because one day they will duck their heads, hide, scowl, or actually flick your very expensive camera lens and yell, "enough" no more pictures. And then what. . .?
Love all your posts!
Sister Amy (not really anonymous but it wasn't letting me leave my google account name.

Perla said...

when i get to have that smell, i cry with happiness and i cry that it will be gone soon and i cry for the women who never get to have that. downy heads and baby magic evoke a lot of crying from me.

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