Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little Recordings

When we get together with Mike’s family, it is our little niece Anna who the young girls all flock to.


She is very adored and such a good sport about endlessly entertaining all the young girls in the family. The other day, she recorded these small tidbits from her time spent with the little girls at a family gathering. I loved that she jotted these moments involving Penny and Goldie down. I had to record them here.

But first, the subjects. Penny:


And, Goldie (with the hat she so desperately needed me to buy her over our snow filled “spring” break):


And now, Anna’s notes:

My favorite moments of the family get together on Sunday:

1. (Me talking to Goldie)Me: "Gold, It's not nice to eat cousins." (Don't ask.)
‎2. (Me talking to Goldie)Me: "What's your mom having?" (that was after discussing how excited Goldie is to have a new sibling) Goldie: "An elephant." Me: "You're so silly!" Goldie: "Hmmmmm. A Boy elephant." Me: "I don't think that sounds right." Goldie (looking genuinely confused for a second) : "Oh...Is it a guinea pig?"
‎3. (Claire talking to Penny) Claire: "Penny, will you be my prince and carry me away to your tower and love me and be nice to me and marry me?" Penny: ... *Panicks for a second, then looks down at her feet, pretending she isn't there, and slowly sidesteps away*

I have a little notebook on my nightstand table where I often record fun, sweet, or funny things my kids have said. Of course, I forget far too frequently, but I love having those tiny moments that would otherwise be forgotten written down. My kids love to go through the book, or scroll along my blog, looking for bits off things they may have said. So, thanks Anna, for giving me these!

Oh yes, this also made me think of something else I’ve loved of late. It is that Daisy and Goldie have begun following my habit. Every now and then I will open the notebook and discover some small thing recorded in large six year old scrawl: something Jesse said that Goldie deemed funny and worth keeping. The other day, I found a little scratch paper in Daisy’s writing with various recordings of things Penny had told her. There is something doubly charming in these recordings – something that makes me happy beyond the record itself; it is imagining the tiny recorder enjoying the moment and scrawling it down.

I suppose you should be here too, Daisy, for your good little notes!




Anna said...

You are welcome! Your kids are sooo cute!

Perla said...

ooh, i love those kids of yours. goldie looks so big with her new front teeth. she's awesome. i miss her big hugs and sweetness and now she is just forgetting who i am. isn't one of these girls having a birthday today???

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