Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bacon, Movies, Gingerbread Houses, Chickens and Eggs

Here it is – 10:30 at night, and I am sitting here . . . eating (dare I even say it?) some . . . bacon. Surely this can not be good. Who on earth do I think I am? I mean, did you read what I just typed? I am eating BACON while all reasonable people are sleeping, or, at the very worst, eating a bowl of ice cream in front of the television. It doesn’t feel right, but it is, to be honest, rather tasty. Only, where will such behavior lead? It can’t possibly lead anywhere good, can it?

What else. Well, Mike is off helping a brother lift an entertainment center and then his mother download something. Before leaving, he told me that he thought we should “spend some quality time together ‘til at least one in the morning”. And that doesn’t mean anything eyebrow raising (though he did raise his eyebrows repeatedly at me when he said it); what it means is that he wants me to stay up and watch a movie with him no matter how late the hour of his return. He gets so sad when I try to tell him that if it is past 10:00 it is too late for us to begin a movie. But, it is mostly his fault because he is wholly unwilling to ever watch part of a movie. Sure I’d be willing to start one . . . and save the rest for another night, but that doesn’t sit well with Mike at all. We must press forward and see it through to the bitter (or perhaps pleasant – depending on the movie) end.

Speaking of Mike, we let Daisy have a little friend party today. At one point (several hours before the girls’ arrival), I asked Mike to come help me finish a task. I was making little gingerbread houses out of graham crackers so the girls could decorate them with jelly beans and the like (creating Easter themed ginger bread houses), but I was running late on meeting an out of town friend (who was in town) for lunch. I wanted to make sure the frosting would have plenty of time to harden and so wanted the houses done before I left. Mike came to my rescue (as he had earlier when, for the life of me, I couldn’t separate egg whites from yolks), only, here was what he said as he took over, “The problem is, if I make some and you make some, the girls will all cry over who gets the ones I made.” Smart alec. All I could do was laugh because I knew that he would never settle for making his houses as quickly and efficiently (and thus, necessarily, sloppy) as mine. Here ours are, side by side:IMG_6045Goldie did come to my defense – saying she would absolutely LOVE to choose one of the ones I made (bless her heart). But if you just pretend like they are supposed to look “snowy” – then mine totally looks better. Besides, the girls had a lovely time and nary a word was said over messy vs. nice-and-neat houses.IMG_6057_edited-1

BUT! Speak of the devil, Mike has returned! (Incidentally, I was reading a book by a Scottish author the other day and at one point, a character said, “Speak of the angels!” – that strikes me as a much kinder phrase. Why have we warped it so?) Yes though, my husband, devil that he is, has arrived, so I shall cast this blogging business aside. Besides, there are exciting things afoot. Not only is Mike going to try and persuade me to watch a movie until all hours, but he is also going to trick some of our chickens!

Two of them have gone broody! Broody I say! That means they are faithfully sitting on a little pile of eggs. Mike has so much been wanting a broody hen, but hens don’t brood much these days, it’s all bred out of most breeds. So, when it was discovered that two of our hens had confined themselves to different window wells (I told you they like it down there) to sit on clutches of eggs, well, it was all excitement around here.

Only, as we’ve discussed (don’t say we haven’t), our eggs don’t currently have chick producing potential. So, their loving little broody efforts are all for naught. Or were all for naught, but they won’t be in a few more minutes because Mike bought some fertilized eggs today and he is now about to go and steal their chickless eggs and replace them with different eggs! I know, it seems like a mean trick and you are all envisioning swapped babies in a hospital, but it is actually a nice trick. They never had any babies at all, but now they will (assuming this all works of course).

Anyway, goodnight!


Tia Juana said...

No offense, but if I had been a kid at that party, I think I would have chosen Mike's house. You know me, I like linear and clean lines and messy would have put me over the edge. Although, if I had been at the party I would have surely asked for YOU to take my picture.

And, I do so like the Easter themed houses which one who doesn't have a creative eye would have only thought to do at Christmas! But, as Troy has attested to, you have a good eye - for photography and party ideas alike apparently.

Tia Juana said...

Oh and also, did you watch the movie or did you, you know, ..... (insert my eyebrows raising here....)

If you watched the movie, was it good? And, what was it. (See, if you didn't tell me, I will know if you, you know.....(insert eyebrows raising here.....))

Perla said...

ooooh! i can't wait to see if the chickens get to hatch chicks! what fun for them! they deserve a nice trick like that! and i really like that you let daisy do the houses in the spring time. why not an easter house? grace just came over and sighed sadly and said, "i wish I was at that birthday party."

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