Friday, April 1, 2011


Today I am practicing with Windows Live Writer. When I googled my blogger problems, several sources mentioned this free software that publishes to any blog. I don’t like to learn new things though. So, we’ll see.

There is nothing to read here. I really am truly experimenting.

Let’s try bullets:

  • Bullets are fun
  • Bullets are cool
  • Bullets make lists

Fun With Kids

Ooh, that was done by simply clicking a paragraph header. Interesting.

So, kids are so great and so fun. Here are some kids right here:


Would you look at that? It didn’t really seem to “load.” It just put it there the minute I clicked the photo. And it let me add that goofy photo border and change the photo to black and white right here.

Fun With Whatever

Whatever can be fun too!

Snakes in a forest

I don’t know who did this. Abe? And what if I want to have these words closer to my pictures? Is that possible? By the by, it just let me size these photos by clicking the size or dragging the corners of the image . . . or messing with numbers that I don’t understand, right as I put them on and it is all laid out in my blogger format already.

But what about this? (A different header here). Can I add a  youtube something?

A little song I like.

Holy Smokes! I’ve never known how to put videos on from the internet. (Or even if you are supposed to), but that was a piece of cake! I just pasted the link. Two seconds! Maybe ONE second.

And, you must admit that this is cool. Oh, and this. and this!

But what would you think if I did this? Would you approve?

But why does it skip a space every time I press enter? Just being helpful for paragraph breaks? Is that what?

Alright. A new font. A new font color and, a new font size (size 14 to be exact). I’ll add a few more photos to see if I can click a bunch at the same time:


And can one have words to the side? Yes. It would appear so. Oh, remember when I just had these ones all little? No? Well, I do.

Hmm. Well. Interesting experimenting so far. Not sure if I will use this permanently. Friend Jana told me some crazy html type talk that I think I can follow to make my posts work right in the blogger editor, but maybe I’ll start to like this. We’ll see. This was pretty easy . . . but NEW, and you know how new scares the bejeebers out of me!

P.S. Jana, did you see?? I justified!


Tia Juana said...

Yeah, you justified you paragraph but did you justify your words - not sure you did with all that rambling on. But hey, maybe I would like this Windows live me and tell me more about it. HTML - I wouldn't miss it!

Lara said...

hmmm, I like it. Might have to check it out. Yes, I remember the kids in those pictures. I was about the time you lived not too far from me. I really like the spacing text.

The Harbertson Family said...

Are you using the Windows Live Writer on a regular PC or can you use it on a Mac?

jami said...

i'm liking it too. so jealous of the fun things you can do ... i may have to branch out and learn something new too!!!

marz said...

Cool new experiment. Looks like a keeper. And by the way, I can't believe how big Jesse is in that picture with Abe. Crazy!

Perla said...

so, what is the deal with this thing?

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