Thursday, April 14, 2011

Doodles Turns NINE!

This is an odd thing. I am certain it was only a few months ago that I was blogging about Abe turning nine. I remember the day so well – it was snowing like crazy, Christmas music was playing, we made candy trains, my first blog book came in the mail. How can Abe have already had a tenth birthday since then? How can I already be typing about a different child having a ninth birthday? I guess the fact that Abe and Daisy aren’t much over a year apart means that it truly wasn’t that long ago that it was Abe turning nine. Still. Strange. Time goes awfully fast.

Anyway, since I remembered Abe’s ninth birthday so well, I thought I’d do a similar blog post for Daisy’s – meaning a lovely little photo recap of the birthday child over the years. (Somehow the nice round number of ten seems like a more fitting birthday number for such a review of years. Nevertheless, nine it is);

Daisy Sharon

New little baby:









more 4




and more 6


more 7



And . . . NINE!!


She wanted her hair extra cute for her birthday. I think we succeeded.

Also, here are a few of the birthday signs that were strewn about the kitchen for her this morning:

First off, this one of Abe’s I thought was rather clever. While the lines aren’t broken apart at each rhyme, please note that it is a poem:


Is that too hard to read? Just in case, here is the poem:

Dear Daisy,

All day you have fun with your family and mother.

So how ‘bout instead get up and make a breakfast for your brother.

You’re not convinced? Hey it might be fun

to give me presents and cake

and a cool new pet snake!

Still unconvinced? Bummer.

Now I’ll have to wait for Goldie’s birthday in summer.

And, here is one of my signs. I love that my kids are old enough for us to have our own little inside jokes. Once, when Daisy was first learning to spell, she turned a notebook into a book of songs (written by herself). One song was a lovely song about “Moon Cake.” None of us know what moon cake might have been, but she spelled cake: c-a-k. We had a little laugh when Abe asked, “What’s moon cak?” Daisy got very defensive, but then realized her mistake and giggled about it. Ever since then, moon cak comes up out of the blue. A few weeks ago Abe wrote a story where the characters were trying to get to the moon for some tasty moon cak, and well, I am sure Daisy quite appreciated my lovely little birthday sign song composed in her honor this morning:


Lastly, these signs are among my favorite. Goldie made them. They were titled “First” and “Next.” They didn’t make a bit of sense to me until Goldie happily explained them to all of us this morning. First – Abe is throwing Daisy on a paper airplane he made (and a big one at that). Next – Daisy is experiencing the unfortunate consequences of letting your brother send you on a giant paper airplane ride. Why these are birthday signs is uncertain, but what is certain is that they are AWESOME!


Anyway, off to get going on birthday cakes and the like. Happy birthday to my little daughter!!!


Lara said...

I love those last two. And the butterfly cak(e). What a beautiful 9 year old girl that I still remember as being 2 with a little hair clip holding her strawberry hair out of her eyes. I must be getting old.

Anna said...

So incredibly cute! Tell her i love her!

Anna said...

and her hair is EXTRA EXTRA CUTE!!!!

marz said...

Oh Nanc-
I'm just looking at all of you pictures - the header (goldie and penny look so much alike!) - the side with all the family - and so forth. The girls are growing up to be gorgeous like their mom - and I can just see Abe becoming a grounded, happy, hard working man like his father - I'm sure Jesse and boy #3 will do likewise.

Your family is so beautiful that it just makes me feel warm inside when I look at them and see the wonderful people you and Mike are and the little wonders that you are raising. You are such a fantastic person - and your family demonstrates even further how wonderful you and Mike are. I truly admire you and am so grateful that I know you. You guys are just wonderful.

And Daisy's cheeks - so great!

Love you.

Tia Juana said...

It sometimes freaks me out to see how much your kids look like Anna. That last picture, especially.

Perla said...

Oh goodness! I love that Daisy! I love the 2 yr old pic the best. She and Abe both have the most awesome expressions. How did you do her hair? Is it a special curling iron? I need to be able to do that for grace and addie so please answer me.

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