Monday, April 11, 2011

Awards Ceremonies . . . and Sisters

After 48 years, and at age 80, my dad is finally retiring from his well loved career as an English professor at our local university. The end of spring semester will see him bidding farewell to the campus he knows and loves so well.

While this was unrelated to retiring, a month ago, we were invited to attend a luncheon honoring my dad with a fairly prestigious award. Quite a few of my family members managed to be there for the occasion, as well as  numerous other faculty and staff members. Mike’s dad also spent his career teaching at the same university (in the business department), and he and Gayle (Mike’s mom) came to the event.

Here they are with my parents:


And here is my dad – listening to the kind reDSCN1364marks given him by Dean Hughes as an introduction.

On a side note: My dad is completely deaf in one ear -- the unfortunate side effect of a kick he received in the ear during a karate sparring episode years ago. It damaged the nerve and could not be repaired. Sadly, he has also lost a lot of hearing in his “good” ear – thus necessitating the use of a hearing aid. My mom called me the morning of the luncheon to say that my dad had left her a sweet note before leaving for work that morning asking her if she would say a few prayers for him that he would be able to clearly hear the things that were said at the awards ceremony. I don’t know why exactly but it made me cry and cry. I love my dad so much. He truly NEVER complains about anything and handles things with total humility. This small request touched me so much. I was crying and frantically calling siblings telling them to pray their little hearts out that dad could just be allowed to hear well during this ceremony. Megan and I even said a prayer together over our cell phones as we talked.

BUT, moving on to the ceremony . . . and to a much lighter side of things: being with my sisters can be . . . such trouble. Here I am, sitting at the luncheon with Amy and Megan:


At some point, as someone was speaking very seriously. I don’t recall who, probably the president of the university. Megan began giggling quietly and reaching for the used silverware off of our luncheon plates. Amy was looking at the speaker, listening attentively like she should be – oblivious to Megan’s antics. I was trying my best, but finding it very difficult as Megan proceeded to carefully wrap the silverware in a fancy cloth napkin and slide it gently into Amy’s purse.

How is one to be mature and act appropriately when a sister is whispering how hilarious it will be when Amy gets to her car, reaches for her keys, and realizes she must return to the luncheon to give back the silverware she has nearly stolen?

Sadly, for Megan, Amy opened her purse for some gum soon after and, shaking her head and mumbling, “you nerd” to Megan, put the silverware back.

How can these sisters of mine be crying and praying with me one minute, and turning me into a giggling totally irresponsible teenager the next? They are trouble. Somehow I still like them.

But, it truly was a nice ceremony, and, as ever, I was very proud to be known as GTA’s daughter. I really admire and love him incredibly.


Tia Juana said...

Look at you posting on live writer. You know I know this because the pictures are small. you know I downloaded it and gave it a try and hated it because the pictures were small. I dont' really hate that YOUR pictures are small but I like my pictures big so i think I'm going to have to stick to posting the old fashioned ways. Sort of like how when they came out with frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts, some women still insisted on buying the bone-in, skin-on because it was how they'd always made chicken. Sigh.

But really now, this here little post left me crying and wanting to pray that your dad would hear everything at the luncheon and its all over. but it did. I think moreso, though, because there are so many loved ones who I'm vigilantly praying for right this very day, week, month - all needing a little miracle in their own little way. And sometimes its all we can do. That and steal silverware - which I'm totally going to do a sister some time! That Meg is a genius!

Tia Juana said...

And ps - your mom and Gayle look so much alike. I've always thought that. And you know I got to see your mom last week! It was very exciting and I told her about the time she praised my name over my performance as the Mother Nun in the Sound of Music during drama class and of course she was all "yes, yes, yes" and then she politely said she did not remember my performance but she is quite certain she remembered ME! I did not in the least bit expect her to remember ME or my performance, I was only trying to be funny. But she is just too nice for words and even to this day I think I'm the best mother superior that walked the halls of OHS!

Perla said...

tia, you can go ahead and pray. aaron and i decided long ago that prayers can be retroactive.

and nancy, i burst out laughing so hard because i felt like i was sitting at the table with you guys, then i got mad because i'd prefer you never again post anything funny or fun about sisters unless it includes me. at least i was 24 hours away. what is kathy's excuse?

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