Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh The Confusion

Silly me. I started typing that last post and when I said the pictures of our house would "look like this," I was going to attach a picture of one of our spackled walls -- spackle spackle everywhere. And then I was going to say it reminds me of someone who did a horrible shave job on their face and had little pieces of toilet paper everywhere. Then I'm sure I had some more comments, but I was sidetracked and just pushed "save," or so I thought. Apparently I pushed "publish" because today I found all these comments emailed to me on a post I never thought saw the light of day. And I was a little embarrassed since I knew it was not finished and couldn't have made a bit of sense, but all is well. Jami and Tia reassured me that I am doing just fine, and that was nice.

Tia was right. I have a huge list of things I want to do -- get another bar stool, spray paint them to match the bar, organize the computer stuff, clean out the garage, find a curtain for the kitchen, get cute containers for the kid's shoes, organize the laundry room so there is a cute little basket for each kid's clean clothes so they will have to fold and put them away, try to decorate!

Tia said it just right when she talked about the progress at the get go. I made a huge amount of progress initially -- unpacking and all. If you'd seen the house when it was first full of boxes compared to now, you'd be amazed.

But then I got tired and life started again -- which meant more than just all day every day making the house all perfect, so it will be slow getting the rest all how I want it, but because I do have dreams (which reminds me of a part in a favorite cartoon my family loves called "The Family Dog," when the mom wails, "Do I have dreams? Do I have aspirations? No, but I have a toilet bowl that's Spring time fresh, and I'm more than happy to be short order cook to a DOG!" -- incidentally, that dog later turns into a "quivering, snarling, white hot ball of canine terror" and saves the family from robbers . . . and then joins the robbers for awhile). Which brings me back to my dreams. I have dreams for how I should make this home but am short on the money, time, energy and motivation, but somehow I feel like everyone that comes in here will think, "Doesn't she know that doesn't look right? Why wouldn't she fix that?" But what kind of judgemental folks do I think plan on visiting me anyway? Silly of my pride.

And now I hope all the confusion of that last untitled post is cleared up.


Tia Juana said...

Oh, I knew there was so much more to this after seeing that dangling chadish "I"! And how nice of you to validate me several times in one post about how right I am. I may need to send my Joe this way to read it. And, its like I always tell him. "Joe, I am ALWAYS right."

Now post those pictures already!

Jill said...

When I am frusterated over parts of our house that don't look perfect and don't want friends, neighbors, home teachers, etc. to come over, I remember my dad's best advice. Since all three of our houses have been "fixers" and you always notice every flaw in your own work, there are many places that I just try not to look at. But, my dad says when we point to the flaws, "no one else is going to see the place where the trim didn't line up just perfectly (or whatever the case may be). Any visitor to your house is just seeing/feeling the overall picture. And if someone did happened to notice and point out the flaws, that is someone that you know not to invite over again."

Tash said...

ok I love dreams. Please post ones that you can remember!

Tash said...

ok I love dreams. Please post ones that you can remember!

Perla said...

i knew the first post was no kind of post. but no worries with your house. you are always clean and organized and your home always has a great feel to it. we have now been in our house 7 years and i am still just little by little doing the things that i want to do with it to make it really feel like mine. well the basement is a lot at once, but you know. the kitchen and railings and bathrooms are still not what i want at all but that is okay. i'll get to them in the next 7 years, i suppose. unless we move to chris's compound before then.

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