Saturday, February 21, 2009

Buillion, Slivers, and All Around Crazy

Note to self: bullion is by the soup. Remember this so that the next time you need it you won't walk very slowly up and down, and up and down the isle where the taco seasoning is and then up and down, and up and down the isle where the salt, pepper and other spices are like you do every single time you need bullion as you think to yourself, "Think think think. Where was that bullion."

And another thing -- does anyone know what happens if a little tiny piece of wood . . . like say the size of the very end of a toothpick gets lodged deep in the bottom of your foot? Because, well, that is where a very tiny piece of wood is. Very deep and very very tiny. Only my foot is all swollen, and I limp like a little fox whose paw got caught in one of those scary traps (well, at least how he would limp were he to get away from one of those traps with his paw still intact -- if he'd gnawed his paw off to get away, well, I wouldn't be able to compare myself fairly because it is not that bad -- yet). Tia, ask your doctor friend will you. Sure he may be a neurosurgeon (oh, I am so sorry I forgot just what type of a doctor your husband is), but what good is that if he doesn't know anything about slivers? I think they would have to cut my whole foot open and search and search to find it . . . which seems like a lot of misery for one very minuscule piece of wood. OH!! Oohhh . . . I totally know you are all going to use this in a lesson now about a little festering sin.

Anywho, toodle-lou. I'm clearly all crazy in the head right now and should not be blogging. No, this would be a much better time to work on my church talk for tomorrow. Hahaha. Oh how they'll love it.

P.S. MMmm, I love Maddox Turkey Steaks. Just the kind you buy at the store and cook yourself. The kind that don't exist in other states. I'm going to go eat one right this minute.


Tia Juana said...

oh how I am laughing right now over so many things because just this Tuesday I was pulling a Winnie the Pooh myself saying "Think Think Think where is the Bouillon????" You should have called me on my cool cell phone number that you think you know and I could have told you.

And my doctor friend, if I ever saw him because he is working this weekend would probably tell you to go see a podiatrist because he don't know a thing about slivers. He's a PHYSIATRIST and has nothing to do with feet. Except he might be able to botox that fox with the wretched foot now and that would surely be a help to all of society. But what do I care as long as the fox's insurance covers it and we get paid.

And I so have to prepare a lesson tonight on attitudes about our Divine Rolls and how I wish it was on Repentance so I could think of your foot.

Instead, I am going to make the girls some "rolls" with little flags in them stating what their Divine Roles will be one day when they are grown and make them all think that every role is important, especially the motherhood one. Especially when you have slivers in your foot and you are trying to buy buillon to feed to your kids whom you treasure more than your role of motherhood.

I have a lot of time tonight - I'm waiting up for Lois to come home from her big date. Can you tell? Lots of time?

jami said...

oh you crack me up ... thanks for the bouillon tip, and i'm SO sorry about your foot. call someone. go somewhere. that doesn't seem good that your foot is swollen and what if it just gets worse and worse?? oh i hate it when things like that happen!

ok. finally, i just have to say that it's COMPLETELY unfair to talk about food that you can ONLY get there. honestly. unfair. sometimes my sister does that on her blog about cafe rio and my mouth starts to water and my pregnant self thinks "now THAT is what i've been craving!" and wouldn't you know that i've been CRAVING a turkey steak for sunday dinner ever since i talked to my mom this week who just happened to be at maddox when i called her. ah. my oh my ... i guess i'll just go find something else to munch on to take care of my craving, like ... um plain cheerios. :)

Lover of Sweets said...

Wow, so I haven't been HERE for a really long time! Sorry about the sliver, I don't really have any good advice except that at some point your body will reject the sliver and push it out, right? Oh well. Buillon cubes huh? Well, you should have called me, I always remember that they are by the soup. There's something that I can never remember where to find it and that is couscous. I like feeding it to my kids because they chant kooskoos kooskoos all through dinner.
The newish picture of your Jesse makes me want to cry it is so cute!

Karen said...

The learning of a new supermarket is so much fun. I still can't find things where I think they should be.

A podiatrist is excellent advice for a foot with discomfort and swelling. Ouch! If there is an ended sticking out, at all, Duct Tape is amazing at pulling foriegn items out of skin.

Hope your talk went well.

Perla said...

thanks for a nice laugh. i don't know when you posted this but it was funny. i used to have a hard time finding buillion or boullion or buoillion too.
by the way, don't ever try to remember the name of the type of doctor that is married to tia. not possible.
go get that sliver taken care of before you get tetanus, will you?

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