Thursday, September 11, 2008

Very Random Thoughts

As I sit here for a few rare minutes with nothing I need to do -- Penny and Goldie sleeping, Abe and Daisy's last lesson of the day done, and sadly knowing there isn't really enough Penny nap left for me to do anything serious; here are a few of the random thoughts I find floating through head:

-- Wouldn't it be nice if I didn't hear Penny beginning to stir, and I could have a little nap myself? But I can't complain since she finally has switched herself to a later morning wake-up time.

-- What was that nail polish my friend Jessica's little sister mentioned loving? I want to try it. (I know I could find it on your blog Jocelyn, but if you see this just tell me to make it easier).

-- Why does that creepy baby-cry-sounding cat like to be right outside my window all the time?

-- I hope Abe and Daisy really will turn the TV off when their half hour is up and all on their own start doing something quiet.

-- What will my baby be named if it is a girl? What if the name I am most loving of all everyone else in the world probably thinks, "weird"? How sad if they don't realize how CUTE it is!! I'm not saying it though, so who knows.

-- What if baby is a boy? I have no idea where in all our boxes Abe's baby stuff is or even what I have. Someone will have to bring me a baby boy outfit to the hospital.

-- Why on my laptop do I always accidentally push "delete" when I mean to push "backspace." And why do I stare blankly at the screen for a few confused moments, as things I didn't mean to delete vanish, before I realize my mistake?

-- Being here at my parents and doing school stuff with my kids makes me miss being here at my parent's studying my own school stuff like I was long ago.

-- Funny how Mike bought this laptop for me as such a frivolous nice thing to keep me connected during these months, and now, in the twist of all twists, it has become my absolutely necessary companion for all of our homeschooling stuff. It was more fun when it was for frivolity.

-- Speaking of Jocelyn's nail polish, does anyone else have any make-up they adore? If so, please share. I am particularly in need of a blush to love.

-- I am in love with Clinique's color surge super shimmer eye shadow in "Strike it Rich." I am also quite fond of Loreal's little round HIP eyeshadow in "Flare." Orange is fun.

-- Why did Almay quit making my eye liner I love. Now what?

-- Being in this studio like apartment at my parents seems to cause my children to eat crackers on my bed every chance they get.

-- Ohh, why was I so so in love with that neighborhood where I found a house yesterday that will really probably not be our house, but can there be such another perfect neighborhood? Mike says something else good always comes along, but is he right?

-- Should we even buy a house right now?

-- I want to buy a house.

-- I want to buy my dream house with dream land, but that isn't maybe a really realistic goal. It would be fun if it was. I'll still have something wonderful. Quit being so selfish. Things look much less bleak than they did a month ago.

-- What the heck? I turned the monitor off so Goldie wouldn't hear Penny and wake up. Then I somehow assumed that meant Penny was back asleep. Bad mom. (OK, it has only been two minutes. Still).

-- I wish Mike could be here by early Saturday so we could have the weekend with him.

-- Funny how us two non phone people find ourselves so often on the phone when he is gone so long!

-- I almost wish I wouldn't have stopped that raccoon from getting my mom's just purchased bag of corn last night. He looked so hopeful.

-- Why was the corn on the back porch anyway?

-- Oh, probably because we were going to husk it there and forgot to eat it altogether.

-- Don't worry, Penny is on my lap now -- happily calling flowers "bobbies," and yelling, "Mommy!" in the most demanding of ways as she points for anything she wants.

-- I should write a post about homeschooling since enough people have asked about it. Don't worry yourselves. It is temporary. Maybe soon I'll have the energy to write about it.

-- I am so glad I seem to be mostly over whatever crummy allergy, head coldy, bronchitisy whatever I had.

-- I miss when naptime used to be my time. Now I generally save History or Science for a portion of that time. Oh I love their little History lessons though. Seriously the best part of homeschooling.

The thoughts continue, but now there is stuff to be done again. I just re-read these thoughts, and it is rather disappointing that there is nothing with a little more depth or insight fluttering out of my brain. What a pity. Well, I'm off.


Liz said...

How is it that when I check your blog one day and there is nothing new and then I swear I check it the next day and there are five new entries. Could it be that I somehow lose blogging days without even realizing it. I just can't seem to keep up with this blogging world. I thoroughly enjoyed your random thoughts. But I feel as if someone else is writhing them. I have no idea what is going on with you. You are living at your mom's? Everyone else has lived there, I guess you were bound to someday. You are homeschooling your kids? You would be amazed at how many people in my area do that. It's shocking. I'm much too selfish and need my alone time to ever consider it.

Perla said...

i always enjoy catching a glimpse into your mind, as i do love it so. regarding the loved that neighborhood, too...but then when i came home i started feeling a little sick to my stomach for you because i think you would be oh so sad with no basement or yard for quite some time that the kids could play in with out getting covered in mud. hm....what will happen? i also liked that it was so close to me. it only took me about 7 minutes to get home.

Tia Juana said...

Oh my there is so much going on - in your life and in your mind. I can't wait for you to go back to this post, like 9 months from now, and with your 20/20 hindsight vision see how all of this was for such a greater purpose. At least let's hope it is not more than 9 months and definitely much much less. And I can't wait to hear about your dream house when you get it!!!! I hope you get to go and get some new make up very soon. It sounds like you could use a pick me up.

Although seeing that raccoon steal the corn would probably have been pretty exciting too.

jocelyn said...

i would love to make your life easier. it is o.p.i. and the color is called "monsooner or later".

missy said...

Loved your random thoughts. I could almost hear your voice while I was reading them. It made me laugh. We miss seeing you guys!

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