Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Three Cheers for Marzee's Blog!!!

OK, so all of you who come across this post, whether you know me or not, must immediately go to my friend Marzee's new blog and then, you ought to comment and tell other's all about it as well because it is destined to be a very good thing for us women and some of you are destined to make your own great contributions on her blog. Here is why, it isn't really "Marzee's blog about Marzee." It is a blog she has created for women to share inspiration. Read her introduction and you will know what it is all about.

I got to be good friends with Marzee when I lived in WA and we served together in Young Women's. She is an amazing person. Funny, talented, spiritual, beautiful, etc. I have even commented before how amazing it is that I only love her instead of feel horribly jealous of her. Of course, as you will see if you go to her blog, she doesn't always see these things about herself (just as most of us don't see those things about ourselves).

Anyway, awhile back she felt really inspired to start an online women's magazine -- a place where people would contribute nothing but varying and inspirational messages, a place where we could see other imperfect women like ourselves and see that we and they are more than just our imperfections. Of course, she keeps waiting til it is perfect and worrying about all the details, plus, she is going to school (as is her husband), raising three very young children, etc. etc. Finally, her husband made her start it as a blog -- a place to start. I hope you all will go leave a little comment of inspiration and stay tuned because some of you may end up being the next post of inspiration for all of us!! I'm so proud of you Marz! I know you will turn this into what you want. Now, all of you go see her place and keep going there often!!


Krista said...

Hi Nancy!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and I really appreciate your comments. I always love it when people understand my sense of humor. You really can't be friends with me unless you have a sense of humor! I will check out Marzee's blog, definitely. Wow! A Home-schoolin' Mom! I could never do that, but I sure admire the people that can. I would not have a son anymore if I did. I was, however, a very involved parent in the PTA (I'm running for VP next election - me and Pres. Palin!) and in the classroom. If your child goes to public school there's no other way to make it successful. You get to know their friends, too, which is nice (most of the time!)
I love your blog - I will definitely visit again! You are a doll, too!

Tia Juana said...

I went, I enjoyed, I commented - a really long doozee of a comment to indoctrinate her blog into the joys of long comments. The kind you and I are so good at. Any friend of Nancy's is a friend of mine.

And I told her how we are related but have never met!

Tia Juana said...

And funny, I hope we never meet because I think it is fun to say we are best friends that have never met. If we were to share company, it would ruin everything - because you wouldn't be able to take your eyes off of my freckle on the end of my nose and then it would all be for naught.

Women Afire said...

Nancypants -
Too funny - I started getting comments from Nancy lovers and thought, what has Nancy done? So I came here to see if you were up to something - and of course you are!!!! Thanks so much - everyone! Love to all!

Tia- so are we related too now? I have freckles on my nose!

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