Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Mean Slippered Wife

Something nice about my husband is: he picks out really great stuff for me. Really, he has great taste. For example look at this cute PUMA cap or beenie or whatever you call it that he recently got me. I love little beanies and usually just wear some old Bonfire one of his, but now look at me! Pink even! See.

So, with that said, I was a bit surprised when, for Christmas two years ago, he gave me a certain pair of black slippers. I'm not saying anything particularly bad about these slippers. Oh no. In fact, I had really been wanting a new pair of slippers, so it was great that he'd known that. And black is great. Who doesn't like black? All I'm saying is -- I was surprised. I was surprised at the giant satiny leaf and lady bug as fancy as they could be on the toe of each slipper.

Anyway, I thanked my sweet husband and wore those slippers faithfully for an entire year before one day, as I looked down at my warm and snuggly ladybug slippered feet, a giggle escaped. Unfortunately Mike noticed this giggle and became immediately suspicous. With that, the dam was broken, and I couldn't stop giggling.

"What?" He questioned. "Are you laughing at the slippers I gave you?"

"I love my slippers," I insisted, "I just think it is cool that out of all the slippers out there these are the ones that caught your attention."

Well, Mike expressed his dismay with what a terrible wife I was (which was certainly true at that point) and insisted he would not be buying his ungrateful wife anything in the future. All the same, I couldn't stop chuckling.

I penitantly continued to wear those same slippers until just the other night when, apparently, Mike decided my penace was through and gifted me these:The picture doesn't do them justice, but they are pretty much the slipper of all slippers. Who could be anything but in love with them!

Thanks Mike. I only can feel slightly less guilty by the fact that you took back the "pitch fork" I gave you because I'd accidentally gotten a "potato fork" -- I thought it looked a little odd when I bought it. I love you even more than I love my new slippers -- which is a lot.


Karen said...

I love that your husband has great taste. What, no picture of the infamous slippers complete with leaf and ladybug? I guess, we'll have to go with our well painted mental picture. :) The new ones are cute and look like they would be so comfortable.

I didn't even know there was a potatoe fork. Huh-

Perla said...

that is so cool that mike buys you little things all of the time. i like that he likes you so much! and nice fiery slippers! fiery is hard to spell but i did it right. anywho, is mike with you now or what?

jami said...

what a husband! jas claims "there's no way i could pick out something for you that has to do with clothing" :) so even slippers would be something i'd get for myself. :) fun stuff'm with shannon - is mike in the land of the big mountains with you, now?

Nancy said...

Yes, Mike is back!! It hasn't seemed really real yet as he got here late Monday and has had to work long days since, but having a real whole Sat. and Sun. with him this weekend will maybe make it seem like we have a husband/father again!!

Nancy said...

P.S. Yah, Jame, I don't know how he knows how to pick out things like clothes for me. It is a very strange and lucky little magical trait. Go figure

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